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Time & Labor Management for Today's Modern Workforce

Led by decades of experience, Visual Computer Solutions creates intelligent workforce management software that reinvents how you work and scales as your business grows.

Compatible for all private businesses, government organizations and public safety agencies, VCS software simplifies employee scheduling, time & attendance, human resources and payroll for today’s modern workforce.

Overwhelmed by scheduling-related challenges in your organization? Allow VCS to ease the burden by letting our intelligent workforce management software do the heavy lifting for you. From staff scheduling and employee monitoring, to ensuring compliance requirements and controlling labor costs, VCS software utilizes artificial intelligence to streamline all of your time and labor management needs including, but not limited to: time and attendance tracking, real-time labor scheduling including time off requests, shift trades and shift bidding opportunities, compliance monitoring, leave management, staffing optimization, and task management.

Visual Computer Solutions provides assistance in daily operations such as enabling you to manage your workforce from anywhere, connect with your team easier and faster, keep up with your employees without micromanaging, while also simultaneously setting you up for future successes with our extensive reporting capabilities. Predictive analytics and liability reports track patterns and budgets, allowing you to plan for the year ahead by making informed and critical business decisions backed by the data that’s most relevant to your role, department or any other unique criteria that fits your business needs.

In today’s fast-paced world, we understand just how much time really is of the essence, and we’re dedicated to helping you make the most of yours. VCS software allows you to work smarter, not harder, giving you back more hours of your day. We also understand that one size does not fit all, which is why our all-in-one platform has features and add-on modules tailored to your specific needs so that you can enjoy the perfect time and labor management solution for your organization.

Intelligent Workforce Management
Control Labor Costs. Manage Compliance Risk. Improve Productivity.

Contact VCS Software today to learn how intelligent workforce management can improve your business.

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Artificial Intelligence to Streamline Workflows

Automating pay rules, staffing, and compliance requirements

Promote a Healthy Work/Life Balance

Employees can bid on available work shifts from anywhere at any time

Connect with Your Team Easier and Faster

Department-wide text and email-based notifications so everyone stays in the loop

Secure and Accurate Time Tracking

We integrate with today’s most advanced attendance tracking hardware solutions

Manage your Workforce from Anywhere

Conduct business from a mobile-friendly and secure cloud-based environment

No More Micro-Managing Employees

Track employee activities, and measure engagement and growth

Track Time in the Cloud from Anywhere

Automatically calculate timesheets with 100% accuracy

Make it Work with HR & Payroll

A seamless experience that connects all of your business management systems

We Schedule Over 100+ Million Hours Every Year

98% Customer Retention Rate

Over the years we’ve learned just how much our customers love us – not just because of our “amazing products” but also because of the “pleasant, efficient and totally competent” service that they receive.

In rare instances where a customer may be forced to leave, history shows that they typically come back to us when their unique requirements can’t be supported elsewhere, proving that that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

  • Henkels_McCoy

    “Jobs4Blue makes it very easy to schedule, cancel and check if jobs have been assigned through the portal. I really appreciate that if I schedule a job and it looks out of the ordinary from what I usually schedule I can be sure to get a call back just to confirm.”

    Maria Sousa – Henkels & McCoy

  • PSEG

    "Jobs4Blue simplifies the scheduling of multiple towns, and gives us phone and email confirmation. Jobs4Blue allows scheduling a week ahead or immediate emergency jobs with the same simple process. Jobs4Blue gives us the convenience of scheduling on off hours, outside of normal office hours. Jobs4Blue call representatives are always accommodating and it is much easier that trying to connect with an often-busy Officer on call."

    Joe – PSEG

  • Penn_Bower_INC

    “I speak for myself when I say all the representatives at Jobs4Blue are always extremely helpful and professional! Anytime I have to book or cancel a job, there is always someone available to help me, which I truly appreciate!”

    Vera Pimenta – Penn Bower Inc.

  • Princeton NJ Logo

    "AION does what your town needs it to do. This software will make your scheduling/time & attendance nightmares go away. AION is an outstanding time & attendance/HR all in one package. The staff is very friendly and always there to listen to your needs and assist you in any way that they can. I implemented this township wide and heard all the employee grumbling for about a week, and then it went away totally. Why, because the program is user-friendly and non-threatening."

    Robert McQueen, Chief Information Officer, Princeton Township (NJ)

  • mays-landing-HamiltonPDBadge

    "POSS has enabled Atlantic County (a department of 250 employees) to save more than $70,000 per year simply by effectively managing payroll and overtime while paying for itself in the first year alone."

    Sgt. Anthony Minetti, Atlantic County Department of Public Safety, NJ

  • Manville-PD

    "POSS has unilaterally enhanced scheduling, overtime, training and the overall effectiveness of many other administrative duties of our department. It’s backed up by a dedicated technical support staff."

    Lt. Tom Herbst, Manville Police Department, NJ

  • hudson-county

    "The best support and tech. Resolved staffing, time and attendance, and overtime issues – versatile system. My department has 507 uniform staff and 163 support staff."

    Director Ron Edwards, Hudson County Corrections, NJ

  • Elkgrove-PD

    "The program is worth the investment in terms of saving manpower with scheduling, OT tracking and extra duty. It was easy to show all levels of the department and is a very “user friendly” program with more than enough features to do all we have asked. The support and staff available for questions is excellent."

    Lt. Audrey Haug, Elk Grove Police Department, CA

  • perthamboy-FD

    "FIRES has greatly improved the ability to track employees’ time off and provide for a reliable, accurate schedule for both [our] Fire and EMS departments. It worked so well that we convinced our Police Department to purchase the program!"

    Battalion Chief (Ret.) David Volk, Perth Amboy Fire, NJ

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