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The public sector is responsible for ensuring public safety while effectively managing their workforce. With such important jobs on the line, it’s imperative that government workforces are armed with robust time, attendance and workforce solutions that best serve their most complex scheduling needs.

If you’re in search of a time and attendance solution for your agency, use the checklist below to make sure all your boxes are ticked to ensure you’re getting the most bang for your buck, all while reaping the best benefits.

Compliance Enforcement
With a wide-spread collection internal policies and ever-changing regulatory requirements, ensuring proper staffing coverage can present operational challenges for HR departments.
A compliance management feature allows organizations to distribute overtime fairly, calculate payroll rules, and ensure that the right employees with the right skill sets are always in the right place at the right time. It’s able to handle many different rule sets, so your employee scheduling complies with all of them, no matter how complex or unique they may be.

Real-Time Schedules
In order to have shifts running at full speed, managers need a way to ensure that the right mix of qualified employees are in place to meet demand. Whether employees are trading shifts, or calling out in the 11th hour, both managers and their staff can leverage real-time schedule views to stay in the loop and ensure efficient scheduling and time and attendance practices at all times.

Overtime Management
Look for a solution that allows overtime rules to be customized based on operational and organizational policies and procedures. The most beneficial scheduling systems will also allow you to set an annual or monthly cap on overtime hours to avoid employee burnout and turnover and utilize a fairness rotation list to ensure that eligible employees are being properly awarded for overtime opportunities. This will reduce unnecessary overtime expenses like timesheet rounding and ensure compliance with labor laws and government regulations.

Payroll Processing & Integration
Long gone should be the days of spending long hours manually entering time entry data onto excel or even worse, paper timesheets. Payroll processing takes efficiency to the next level with the elimination of paper and the ability to easily generate electronic timesheets for every employee. Most importantly, make sure that you select a scheduling solution that can integrate seamlessly with your current payroll provider.

Workforce Communication
Transparent communication between staff and leadership is a proven way to improve efficiency and increase employee satisfaction leading to bottom-line benefits. Workforce communication tools provide instantaneous department-wide text message and email-based notifications so everyone stays in the loop.

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