Streamline your most tedious scheduling processes, increase productivity and efficiency through data-driven decision-making, and cut payroll processing time across all of your departments from within a single platform.

One Platform To Manage Your Entire Town

Helping Businesses Take Their Time Back

AION empowers you to take control of your workforce by managing your greatest asset – your employees – all from within a single platform.

AION Works For All Your Departments

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A Dynamic Platform For Your Dynamic Workforce

One Platform To Manage Your Entire Town

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Would AION Work With My Current Payroll Provider?

AION is payroll agnostic – meaning you can use whatever payroll provider you want! We have integrations for hundreds of providers. By automating the procedure, AION allows you to cut your processing time significantly, eliminate errors commonly found in manual systems, and instantly report data directly to your provider. 

Can’t find a provider that’s right for you? No problem – we’ve worked with them all and can advise on which options will best match your specific needs.   


We know that change is inevitable and can happen frequently, so when it comes time for your business to switch to a new payroll provider, we make the process completely painless. Just let us know who your new provider is and when the transition will occur, and we take care of the rest. 

An Answer For Every One of Your Workforce Questions

I’m not sure how to measure my team’s productivity.

Streamline the performance review process and eliminate the need to micromanage employees with AION’s Workloads feature. Track daily activity and gain instant access to performance data and time and attendance records, allowing you to improve workplace efficiency and set realistic, achievable productivity goals.  

How do I know what employee is right for a specific task?

With AION’s Staff Selector feature, managers can specify the skills necessary to qualify for a given shift and ensure even, fair distribution of work opportunities by allowing employees with variable schedules to sign up for open shifts that they meet the requirements for. 

I need to monitor when employees will require re-certification.

Track training and certification with AION’s Learning and Professional Development feature, ensuring that you’ll always know when an employee has acquired new skills that make them eligible for additional roles or promotions. 

Workforce Management for All Levels of Complexity

With 25 years of experience managing workforces with complex schedules, we’ve seen it all. Whether it’s coordinating overnight shifts or ensuring compliance with labor and union laws, AION’s extensive configurability means that we have the solution that meets the specific needs of your business.   

AION [Eye-ahn]

proper noun
1. The Greek god of perpetual, cyclical time.

Associated with annual cycles, whether it be the changing of the seasons or the modern business cycle, AION allows you to take control of your recurrent scheduling and time and attendance processes.

First-Rate Support From Start to Finish

We know that the idea of starting on a new system can be daunting. That’s why, when you make the switch to AION, we’re right there with you every step of the way. After your welcome call, you’ll be assigned a project manager to walk you through the implementation process and help you to configure a platform unique to your specific rules, policies, and business processes.  

At VCS, we believe that excellent products need to be backed up by excellent customer service. During onboarding, our implementation experts are here to help build the best platform to suit your unique needs. But support doesn’t stop there!

Afterward, our second-to-none team of in-house experts are on-call to answer any questions that you have in a timely manner and help you harness the full power of the software to maximize efficiency and productivity.  

Get the Help You Need, Fast

My question was answered right away. I got the help I needed instantly. Great customer service!

I was contacted by a service representative within 15 minutes of submitting my case. The rep addressed my question and walked me through the process to change permission and closed my case after a 5-minute phone conversation.  

I had an issue with getting a payroll export report. The person who helped me called on time and had the answer I needed to fix the issue. He stayed on the line as I corrected the problem and made sure everything was as it should be. Took about 10 minutes to complete.

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