You can utilize employee certification tacking directly through software so you know the training is running smoothly, is worth it, and will help you create a long-term training strategy — and that’s where the right employee management software company comes into play. But your needs will depend on the technology, what is the best fit, and your budget.

To keep employees motivated, satisfied, and productive, you need to provide ongoing training in select areas of growth, development, and improvement. It’s important to provide continual education and certifications, but what you didn’t know is, that’s only half the job. Training results are almost impossible to map if you aren’t tracking them.

Keeping track of your employee training and certification processes gives you insight into your employees’ performance, how effective the training is, and whether you’re spending the correct amount of money and time on it. With today’s cloud-based and applications technology, you can track your training processes and access all necessary information with just a click — as long as you have a robust employee training tracking system.

Employee Management Software Company and Certification Tracking

By subscribing to a quality and trusted workforce management solution company’s measurements dashboard of who took the sessions and how they impacted your company, you can make sure trainees are completing and understanding everything that’s involved in the employee certification tracking process. Using the training records of your employees, you can predict their ability to learn new skills or perform new roles.

It’s a great way to find out where you have skills gaps and plan for a future training session. In addition, you can sort, report, and analyze that data, and identify trends — all with training tracking software. Say goodbye to paperwork and spreadsheets by making sure your training runs smoothly, efficient, effective — and plan ahead with ease.

What’s more: it’s easier to manage your training program if you use one software solution, and there are a lot of training-tracking software solutions that do just that.

Although many companies offer employee training tracking software, it shouldn’t be expensive. Make sure what you find is affordable, intuitive, and comes with everything you need to manage all your workforce management needs.

What to Look for in an Employee Management Software Company

Check out these aspects when looking for an educational tracking solution that fits your company’s needs:

  • All the information can be exported.
  • Training records can be managed.
  • It’s affordable and fits your budget.
  • Push-notifications and direct communications are available.
  • You can customize it easily.
  • Participants are tracked for compliance, progress, and completion.
  • Reports are generated automatically, on command.

Whatever employee management software company you use, you should be able to train and assess employees anywhere, as well as manage human resource matters under one roof. Look for a solution where all the tools you need to create mobile training, courses, and quizzes — as well as recognize and reward your employees — are integrated within one hub.

By tracking online quiz performance and progress data, your administrative dashboard should show you each employee’s training status, course completion, and knowledge level. There should be multiple options for filtering and viewing reports — all exportable. You should also have tools to remind your employees to complete a training item or reward them for getting it done.

It’s also easy to stay compliant with industry training and certification requirements when you have access to unlimited cloud storage.

There’s More to it Than You Think

A learning management system (LMS) may elevate training programs and inspire learning. It tracks training activity, progress, test scores, and time spent on training. You can export and share learning insights and analytics reports. Learners can rate courses and interact virtually with other trainees. Upon completion of a course, you can give learners a certificate or badge.

However, what’s also important to some employee and workforce managers is getting teams up-to-speed and on the same page quickly with a business-playbook maker or tool. Learners’ progress can be tracked by subject, individual activity, or latest activity. There are a bunch of statistics you can analyze, such as general and average completion rates, test scores, number of attempts, and start and completion dates. It’s easy to download and export these data reports.

Some want the right training with expert guidance and support delivered wholistically. Oftentimes, individuals and groups can track their training progress, completion, and time in a customizable portal offered by a workforce management solutions company. From infographic summaries to individual learner reports, you can filter data to get custom reports. Automated notifications are sent when courses are completed, or certificates expire.

Overall, you may want to automate courses, assignments, tracking, and reporting, as well as manage your learning. You’ll want all responses tracked, custom reports created, and the ability to send them via email. You also may want to check your reports on-the-go with a built-in “quick” reports function.

Some want key performance indicator (KPI) dashboards and custom reports on any data that’s in the system, tracking trainee progress, activity, and course completion rate. This data can oftentimes be sorted, filtered, grouped, and auto-calculated. By completing training sessions, trainees can send automated email reminders for renewal when these expire based on when they were issued, as well as download customizable certificates.

‘Ways of Demonstrating Skills in Fields’

In conclusion, employee certification tracking also hearkens into our new era of how alternative credentials can help you retain and find employees.

“Credentials offer ways of demonstrating skills in fields that don’t feature a required occupational licensure or a traditional two- or four-year college degree,” states one recently published expert article on the topic. “They can be delivered through methods such as apprenticeships, boot camps, and industry-recognized certificates, including for Intuit Bookkeeping, Salesforce Administrator, and Project Management Professional.”

In fact, about 45 percent of 1,525 U.S. workers recently surveyed hold an alternative credential, according to Making Alternative Credentials Work: A New Strategy for HR Professionals, a research report released in April by SHRM and the SHRM Foundation and funded by a grant from Walmart. Of those, 68 percent believe it has helped them progress in their careers.

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