Today’s job market is all about automation. Companies using automated solutions are getting ahead of the curve and advancing faster than ever before––leaving manual practices in the dust. Applicant tracking systems are increasing in popularity as they are leveraging company recruitment strategies.

In summary, applicant tracking systems, or ATS, automates the process of finding and hiring candidates. Aligning the needs and requirements of the job with each candidate, applicant tracking systems aid decision-making, forming confident action towards the selection process, and greater overall success and retention rate.

Applicant tracking systems specifically handle tasks such as managing job postings, applicant screenings, communication, etc. Applicant tracking systems offer the ability to take a deeper dive into each step of the hiring process to pinpoint obstructions, absence in communication, and where candidates drop out.

This article focuses on the advantages of applicant tracking systems and how to better your recruitment process using the system’s features.

applicant tracking system

Decrease time spent with administrative tasks

Applicant tracking systems speed up the recruitment process, giving administrators more free time for priority projects. Manually publishing and contacting prospects is no longer necessary as an ATS covers all the recruitment bases internally and automatically.

Provides Better and Faster CV Screening

Screening applicants can be challenging and is often a task no one wants to fulfill. Applicant tracking systems streamline this process by screening all applications, using algorithms to match candidates against job requirements. Those that do not meet minimum requirements are rejected and the rest is ranked according to qualification indicators.

Supports Collaborative Hiring

HR teams can easily share notes and reviews on every candidate and create a collective decision-making process, in which every recruiter has a say. Collaborative hiring has major benefits for companies, such as allowing to assemble more diverse and successful teams, with recruiters coming to common agreement on future employees.

hiring with applicant tracking system

Improving Quality of Hire

Improve the quality of hire using applicant tracking systems. For instance, thanks to the initial automated matching of candidates, recruiters only engage with the best candidates in the applicant pool.

Also, with the automation of administrative tasks, recruiters have more time available to engage with candidates in the selection process. This means that they can gather more information and make more complete assessments of the candidates before making a hiring decision.

Speeds up the Recruitment Cycle

Having all candidates’ information organized in one single platform gives recruiters faster access to fully assess each prospect. Automated communication features also increase the recruitment cycle, making it quicker to provide general follow up and to move candidates for the next steps. Overall, applicant tracking systems allows recruiters to develop and execute a more efficient workflow.

Enhances Candidate Experience

Besides building a more efficient hiring process, applicant tracking systems enable an enhanced candidate experience, which is key for the success of your hiring process. After all, candidates may become future leaders.

Applicant tracking systems are an important piece of the digital era of recruitment. There’s no doubt that companies need to adapt their strategy and implement tech solutions that enable better and faster hiring.

manager using applicant tracking system to review candidate's resume

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