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VCS Software regulates appropriate staffing levels to ensure your company is adhering to social distancing guidelines, offers contactless time clock technology so you can clock in and out from your own personal device, and runs contact tracing reports to instantly alert you if you may have been exposed to an ill colleague.

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Contact Tracing Reports

During these challenging times, the responsibility to keep your workforce safe and healthy is paramount. Identifying the individuals an employee infected with COVID-19 may have shared shifts with is vital to ensure that appropriate physical separation and testing is carried out and maintained. VCS’s Contact Tracing Report can assist with this, aiding administrators and department heads with the increasingly important task of monitoring employee interactions.

  • NKnow when an employee last came into contact with a sick individual
  • NInstant access to contact information of both primary and potential contacts in addition to when they were last in contact
  • NRun searches and automatically notify employees who may have been exposed
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Scheduling & Staffing Management

The VCS workforce management platform can easily help you modify work schedules and rotations, providing appropriate staffing levels when you need them most.

Track, manage, and report on your department’s COVID-19-related assignments by:

  • NCreating new events, assign employees, and display assignments on your dashboard
  • NQuickly deploying new schedule rotations for staff en masse to adhere to social distancing guidelines
  • NCreating new overtime and time off reason codes for COVID-related assignments or leave

Contactless Time Clock Technology

Take time and attendance to the next level by leveraging VCS contactless technology to accurately and safely track your employees attendance. Adhere to current safety guidelines and protocols by eliminating the need for employees to touch a shared device by pairing a time clock with a key fob, or allowing employees to clock in/out from any personal device of their own. Plus, confirm attendance records against our time and labor management software to avoid time-theft methods such as buddy punching and ensure 100% accurate schedule data for payroll processing.
  • NHands-free technology to keep your workforce safe
  • NClock in/out from any personal device with enabled geofencing
  • NAllows employees to view & track hours worked
  • NSaves time & eliminates common manual errors
  • N100% protection against buddy punching with built-in cameras
  • NCalculates & converts hours directly to your payroll provider
  • NSyncs data in real time for instant access to key reports
  • NSeamless internet connection with Ethernet or WiFi

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