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Speed up time to hire, increase recruiting efficiency & attract top talent

We understand the construction industry’s struggle with skilled labor shortage, often resulting in delayed project timelines, affecting profits for the company. VCS provides tools to recruit, train, and retain the quality employees’ construction companies count on to power tomorrow’s growth.

Make recruiting more efficient than ever before with our applicant tracking tool that identifies specific skill sets needed for a job, and the most qualified candidates. Ensure your employees are growing along with your company and always remaining an asset by utilizing VCS software to track new skill acquisitions, certifications and learning opportunities.

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Improve your workforce’s communication & productivity

In construction, clear communication is optimal for getting the job done right. VCS solves workforce communication challenges with text & email-based notifications for better communication, allowing you to connect with your team easier and faster, and manage your workforce from any device, anywhere. Managers can spend their time smarter by automating tedious tasks and eliminating the need to micromanage with VCS tools that track employee activities, projects, objectives and goals, and measure staff engagement and growth.

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