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VCS provides the tools needed to manage your workforce with ease, control labor costs, recruit and hire top talent, schedule staff smarter, and make payroll effortless. Plus, in changing times, we’re dedicated to keeping your employees’ productivity a constant. Our solutions now offer contract tracing and rotating schedule options to keep employees safe and maintain distancing requirements and appropriate staffing levels. For remote workers, our software allows employees to punch in and out remotely, enables managers to track their daily activities in real-time, and built-in integrations with today’s virtual conferencing tools ensure that your workforce remains connected even while apart.

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Calculate & Monitor True Workforce Costs

There’s no guessing on workforce costs with VCS, even when outsourcing payroll. Our smart solutions provide a complete breakdown of costs and expenses for each employee. Confirm in a single glance that each worker is being compensated fairly, and costs are in line with company goals and policies. Instantly identify and flag compensation anomalies. Use the real-time data analytics in VCS intelligent solutions to accurately calculate and quantify any workforce data needed.

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