Smart Workforce Management Tools for the Corrections Industry

Manage workload standards, payrolls, and compliance easily and effectively

Correctional facilities need smart strategies to meet workplace environment and conditions standards, ensuring the staff can function in a safe environment without stress, while providing adequate discretionary authority to fulfill their responsibilities. VCS signature solution COSS can manage any and all compliance requirements easily and effectively including relief factor management, medical and inmate transfer staffing, and central intake personnel management to name a few.

Accurate staffing management is also vital in reducing payroll errors, missed punches, unscheduled absences, and buddy punching. In fact, payroll errors are estimated to cost up to 25% of a correction agency’s budget. Moreover, safety can be compromised with a paper staffing and tracking method, as one scheduling mistake can be costly in an emergency situation. COSS ensures compliance at every level, accurately calculating pay rules and managing staffing levels, and eliminating buddy punching with photo-enabled time clocks.

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Use AI to optimize payroll and overtime management

Insufficient staffing and limited budgets threaten workforce safety, making close administrative oversight of employee levels a strategic issue. COSS allows corrections organizations to calculate and set payroll rules and distribute overtime fairly. Our solutions ensure that the right employees with the right skill sets are always in the right place at the right time.

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