Recording and keeping track of employee time and activity can be a major hassle. Traditionally, time is documented using Excel, Microsoft or even on handwritten slips of paper. Yikes! When push comes to shove, most managers who are in charge will voice their frustration regarding the monotonous process that is, employee time and attendance. To their dismay, often their frustrations are dismissed. However, when dismissing these frustrations, an organization is also dismissing an opportunity to build an organized, cohesive workforce that will, in return, provide increasing success and fulfillment.  

Manual employee tracking can lead to errors in payroll, as well as cause major discord between employees and supervisory staff. Loss of stability and management will snowball into all aspects of an organization, proving that a secure and reliable workforce management system is necessary for growth, understanding, and progress. Being able to track employees will build a streamlined structure and create unified communication. The damage miscommunication can bring into an organization is not one that is worth risking. 

Utilizing a workforce management system is an accurate and dependable way of tracking employee hours and tasks. By tracking employee work time through a workforce management system, you will: 

  • Reduce manual errors 
  • Increase productivity 
  • Record employee history with the ability to export for reporting purposes 
  • Save time 
  • Increase revenue 

Since workforce management systems are designed to automatically track an employee’s time worked, manual data entry is reduced significantly and supervisors previously responsible for tracking this can move on to other tasks. In addition, with the use of cloud technology functions, all employees have access to the schedule. Updating in real time, the schedule will keep employees on the same page when scheduling and shift bidding.  

An employee’s work time history including sick time, requested days off, and overtime are instantly recorded within a workforce management system which can be used to track employee habits and other positive or negative work patterns. For example, VCS Intelligent Workforce Management provides a service, payroll prep. This service takes harboring data and supplies payroll companies with the necessary information needed to complete payroll statements. This feature eliminates unwanted errors and serves as a back-up to payroll providers.  

Supervisors who were responsible for manually tracking employee hours can now focus their energy on other pressing tasks and assigned duties. This increased efficiency will result in higher productivity, thus boosting an organization’s bottom line. Ultimately, a workforce management system will support a more productive workday for employees responsible for these types of tasks. 

Managing your workforce manually can be difficult and time consuming. Companies that equip themselves with the right workforce management tools will minimize scheduling errors, improve productivity, and save significant time with administrative tasks. It is possible for automation of labor management to become the simplest part of the workday. 

With VCS Intelligent Workforce Management, pick from a variety of software options and services to best fit any organization. With customizable features and services, VCS software can tailor to the needs of any business with ease and efficiency.  

Visit https://www.vcssoftware.com/ to learn more about our products and services.  

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