Employee Time Clocks that Take Time & Attendance to the Next Level

Managing employee time and attendance can be tedious, but it doesn’t have to be. Time clocks can eliminate the burdens of a manual process and automate your entire system. Plus, today’s modern time clocks go far beyond just tracking employee time, they can also boost workplace satisfaction, improve payroll accuracy and even streamline your workforce’s overall efficiency.

VCS software integrates with top time clocks that can be a great benefit for bigger companies with a large number of employees, as well as for smaller businesses that are looking to streamline processes and improve productivity in their daily operations.

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Top Benefits of Time Clocks

employee satisfaction

Increases Employee Satisfaction

  • NEasy for your team to clock in and out
  • NEliminates the need for employees to manually record their hours
  • NReduces the chance of paycheck errors
  • NEnsures that employees get paid the right amount, and on time

Flexible to Meet the Needs of Changing Workforces

  • NClock in and out from any device, anywhere
  • NEmployees can access whether they’re working remotely or in the office
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Improves Efficiency with Payroll

  • NCuts back the amount of time that’s spent on payroll processing
  • NReduces the chance of manual errors occurring
  • NHelps to make your payroll and recordkeeping as efficient as possible

Promotes Accuracy & Accountability

  • NEliminates the risk of time theft and buddy punching
  • NSaves money by promoting accuracy
  • NIncreases employee accountability

Types of Time Clocks We Offer

Personal Device Time Clock

Already built into the VCS platform, all core workforce management products include the technology needed to turn any device into an employee time clock. Workers can clock in and out from their personal devices, and managers receive their attendance data right away. Plus, enabled geofencing capabilities allow employers to automatically monitor the activities of their team when employees are out in the field. Whenever an employee enters the identified geofence zone, the app sends a notification and automatically records the time spent in the area. When the employee leaves the zone, the geofence time clock stops recording the time. This technology is a great addition for businesses that need to track employees’ locations and verify attendance.

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Touch-Screen Time Clocks

VCS offers touch-screen time clocks, putting work reporting requirements at employees’ fingertips for increased efficiency and accuracy. These time clocks, available in a variety of sizes, feature projective capacitive touch and capture all critical data on attendance, breaks, compliance, and scheduling and time off requests.
Touch Screen Support

Contactless Time Clocks

VCS offers contactless technology to accurately and safely track your employees’ attendance. Confirm attendance records against our software to avoid time-theft methods such as buddy punching and ensure 100% accurate schedule data for payroll processing. Plus, adhere to current safety guidelines and protocols by eliminating the need for employees to touch a shared device by pairing a time clock with a key fob, or allowing employees to clock in/out from any personal device of their own.

contactless entry

Iris ID Time Clock

VCS offers Iris ID time clocks, a best of breed authentication process available today. Different from retinal scanning, iris recognition simply involves taking a picture of the iris; this picture is used solely for authentication. Iris recognition is the most accurate of the commonly used biometric technologies, providing identity authentication without PIN numbers, passwords or cards. It’s an ideal touchless data collection solution for your customers during the pandemic and beyond. Iris ID time clocks integrate with VCS time and attendance software to increase accuracy, speed and eliminate buddy punching at the time clock.

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