Event Scheduling

Event staffing can often be challenging and time-consuming if done manually – automate the tedious task with VCS Event Scheduling. This module allows you to apply your specific and unique business rules to quickly determine who is available to work an event, reach out to eligible staff via text messages, automatically fill and bill the position, and keep track of everything along the way.

The Event Scheduling module makes it easy to schedule and manage staff by seamlessly filling available shifts, effortlessly tracking employee time and attendance, automating the payment process so workers get compensated quicker and faster, all while ensuring compliance.

Backed by intelligent technology, the Event Scheduling module uses the following capabilities to ensure 100% satisfaction across the board:

workloads add on module
  • NAutomated skill-set matching to fill available shifts easily and quickly
  • NBuilt-in GPS timeclocks to verify employee on-site attendance
  • NBilling, accounts receivable and escrow management to eliminate payroll errors and avoid litigation

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