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Biometric Identification

Eliminate the Risk of Human Error

Manually entering employee time tracking data into excel or even worse, pen and paper leaves too much room for human error. As a result, these manual processes are leaving organizations at risk to non-compliance fines, employee burnout and loss of profits.

Time clocks ensure identification accuracy, improved accountability and a reduction in opportunities for misuse largely associated with traditional identification methods, such as ID cards.

Verification through biometric identification is a quick and efficient process that only requires the same amount of time that it takes to punch in with a pin or swipe card.

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  • Verify schedule data using employee time clock check-ins via key fob, proximity card, and fingerprint or handprint technologies
  • Increase security with biometric technology as you accurately monitor and track employee activity
  • Compare punch times with the schedule to ensure employees are paid for legitimate work hours
  • Avoid buddy punching and eliminate the potential for fraud
  • Relieve the burden of employees having to remember a code or losing a key fob or swipe card
  • Drill down employee time & attendance data to the minute

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