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Extra Duty Management & Event Scheduling

Simplify Extra Duty Management

We’ve spent over 20 years collaborating with leaders in law enforcement to help understand and provide a solution to handle the complexity of your department’s shift patterns, rotations, minimum staffing requirements, FLSA labor laws, and agency/union rules.

Extra duty jobs for security detail, construction or special events can be automatically filled and billed within our Extra Duty add-on module located within our police officer scheduling system, POSS.

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  • Fairness assignment rules are applied by skill set, enabling you to track total hours worked, last time worked, and any other additional rules or requirements set by the system administrator
  • Award jobs fairly 100% of the time
  • Allows remote access by multiple parties for viewing and changing schedules, as needed

Seamless Event Coordination

Need to schedule the right mix of employees for an upcoming event? We understand that managing shift assignments, last minute changes and logistics can be chaotic for event coordinators. This is why we’ve created a module that can handle all of the complexities associated with event staffing.

Whether managing a reception, private affair, conference, or concert, our event scheduling module enables you to select staff in accordance with need and demand.

Event Scheduling Screenshot

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  • Gain insights into employee skills levels and work opportunity eligibility requirements
  • Properly communicate with your event staff and ensure that the proper coverage has been deployed
  • Leverage real-time access into event staff activities to ensure that operations are running smoothly at all times
  • Fill last-minute vacancies using real-time employee availability data

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