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Workforce Communication

Changing the Way That Managers and Employees Communicate

The employee/manager experience is the #1 driver in creating a positive workplace culture. This is why it’s so crucial that lines of communication are always open and available for both parties.

Transparent communication between staff and leadership is a proven way to improve efficiency and increase employee satisfaction leading to bottom-line benefits.

Our workforce communication tools provide instantaneous messaging capabilities through email, phone, and text for managers and employees alike.

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  • Send out open shift availability notifications, PTO approvals, and overtime opportunities in real-time
  • Broadcast last minute schedule changes to their staff in seconds
  • Enhance employee availability and engagement
  • Respond quicker to any shift related questions

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  • Easily communicate and trade shifts with co-workers
  • They can consume information outside of the office at their convenience
  • Receive shift approvals, open shift availability notifications, PTO approvals, and overtime opportunities in real-time
  • Instant access to a centralized location that allows them to connect with management easier and faster

Fill Overtime Positions or Summon Emergency Personnel Instantly and Effortlessly

Take workforce communication to the next level using our Personnel Audio-Response System (PARS). PARS sorts through your entire employee list and auto dials staff members who are eligible to apply for additional work opportunities.

  • Determine which employees should be contacted for overtime positions by analyzing pre-determined rules such as by seniority or last date worked or total OT worked in a specified time frame
  • The employees will receive the phone call and have the ability to either accept or deny the overtime opportunity
  • Once jobs are filled, a report can be generated to show which employees accepted overtime positions

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