Field Services

  • NAutomate service scheduling in just one click
  • NIncrease transparency with real-time monitoring
  • NVerify employee attendance with built-in GPS timeclocks
  • NControl costs and streamline field operations
  • NAutomatically calculate timesheets and export to payroll
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VCS Field Services provides service contractors with the tools they need to maximize their business potential and streamline operations. Field Services can help save time and eliminate compliance risk by dispatching mobile employees more efficiently, and allowing you to schedule new jobs and appointments, communicate with workers in real-time, and automatically assign new jobs based on worker availability and qualifications.

 Field Services applies your company’s specific and unique business rules, takes into consideration workers’ existing schedules, utilizes proprietary rotation technology to fairly distribute jobs, tracks employment hours to prevent worker burnout, and provides billing, accounts receivable, and escrow management functionality.

Field Services has all of the workforce management tools needed to optimize your mobile team.

Manage scheduling, dispatching, estimating, invoices & payments all in one place

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Simplify Scheduling & Dispatching

Schedule new jobs and appointments based on zones preferred field staff members or distance to the site. Apply your company’s specific and unique business rules, taking into consideration workers’ existing schedules. Utilize proprietary rotation technology to fairly distribute jobs and bulk-schedule teams and their equipment to projects

Connect With Your Team in Real Time

Alert your dispatchers when an incoming call needs their attention most urgently, instantly check in with your team to share updates on the fly, and enhance operations by keeping everyone in the loop.

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Monitor Your Mobile Workforce

Workers can clock in and out from their personal devices, and managers receive their attendance data right away. Increase transparency with real-time workload monitoring and track employment hours to prevent worker burnout.

Verify Employee Attendance With Built-In GPS Timeclocks

Get 24/7 visibility into where your technicians are at all times to keep projects on track.


Eliminate Payroll Errors & Avoid Litigation

Billing, accounts receivable, and escrow management are available to automate your payment process.

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