Workforce Management Tools to Optimize your Mobile Team

Ensure optimum schedule adherence

Field service management businesses give their technicians wide latitude to schedule service calls as they wish. But lack of schedule adherence — using available time productively to meet the assigned calls — can quickly add up to wasted minutes per day that cut into profits. Field service management businesses must also maintain a high first-time fix rate to avoid costly follow-up work. Technicians need more insight into the jobs they are about to do, so they can be fully prepared when they walk on the job site.

VCS handles Field Services’ needs for adherence and first-time fixes. VCS can assign field calls to the appropriate personnel based on availability, expertise and location ensuring that the right person is strategically aligned to the job at hand. Our software can definitively tell employees where they’re supposed to be and why, track daily activities, and plan smarter.

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Use data to manage your team effectively

Field service management teams should be able to identify the strongest to the weakest team members. Information and data to make those determinations needs to be accessible to back up decision processes. VCS software monitors and tracks employee training and certification requirements as needed and allows managers to track employee daily activity in real time.

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