Field Services

The VCS Field Services module helps you save time and eliminate compliance risk by dispatching mobile employees more efficiently. With this module, you can schedule new jobs and appointments, communicate with workers in real-time, and automatically assign new jobs based on worker availability and qualifications.

This module automates the management of field services workers by applying your company’s specific and unique business rules, taking into consideration workers’ existing schedules, utilizing proprietary rotation technology to fairly distribute jobs, tracking employment hours to prevent worker burn-out, and providing billing, accounts receivable and escrow management functionality.

VCS makes managing field services easy by:

workloads add on module
  • NAutomating service scheduling in just one click
  • NIncreasing transparency with real-time monitoring
  • NVerifying employee attendance with built-in GPS timeclocks
  • NControlling costs and streamlining field operations
  • NAutomatically calculating timesheets & exporting to payroll

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