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VCS provides the public sector with state-of-the-art workforce management tools to better manage their most complex scheduling patterns and tedious business processes. Our platform boasts 4 industry-specific products – AION for civilian employees, POSS for police, FIRES for fire & EMS rescue, and COSS for corrections – carefully crafted to make employee scheduling, time & attendance, human resources, and payroll easier for the entire government workforce.

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Customized solutions tailored to your department’s needs

VCS understands that while multiple departments work together to run a town, each operates differently and has its own individual needs. This is why we offer four products inside our one platform, so each individual department gets what they need, while still remaining in unison across the board. The VCS platform enables towns to view the bigger picture all in one place, such as town-wide liability reports that store all employee information – throughout each of the four departments – in one central location.
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Seamless payroll integration with all providers

VCS’ One-Step Payroll feature takes your time and attendance data processes and transmits your data file where it needs to be with one simple click of a button. One Step-Payroll processes schedule and exceptions data, creates timesheets, runs your payroll rules to create your payroll export file, and automatically transfers the formatted payroll file to your payroll provider or manager. With our ability to seamlessly integrate with any payroll system, employees simply submit timesheets electronically for manager real-time approvals ensuring that all errors are identified and corrected prior to the payroll commit. Intelligent reporting options built within the module provides instant access to records data that simplifies compliance requirements ensuring readiness for any audit as needed.

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