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Secure & Accurate Employee Attendance Technology

Time Clocks, Hand Geometry and Fingerprint Scanners, Self-serve Kiosks, and Tablets

Take time and attendance to the next level by leveraging our preferred hardware solutions to accurately track your employees’ attendance. Confirm attendance records against our time and labor management software, to avoid time-theft methods such as buddy punching and ensure 100% accurate schedule data for payroll processing. VCS integrates with the following experts in biometric technology that provide seamless time tracking options.


Touch Dynamic Breeze 185 All-In-One POS System

The Breeze 185 All-In-One widescreen touchscreen POS system is an advanced next generation design. The Breeze 185 All-In-One POS boasts an 18.5” LED LCD with either bezel-less resistive touch or projected capacitive touch. The Breeze 185 boasts Skylake CPUs up to Intel i5-6300 3.0Ghz with a fanless cooling solution. The Breeze 185 All-In-One POS leverages Touch Dynamic’s legendary rackable motherboard design found in the Breeze and Breeze Performance All-In-One, making the Breeze 185 All-In-One field upgradeable and easy to service.


Touch Dynamic Saturn All-In-One POS System

The Saturn small All-In-One POS System features the Intel Celeron J1900 Quad Core CPU, giving it great flexibility in its design. The Saturn All-In-One is capable of Gigabit connectivity, featuring a USB and PCI express slot for wireless. This unit is outstanding for its operability, plus its ability to be effortlessly maintained will give your business the opportunity to test the limits of expandability and flexibility.


Touch Dynamic Acrobat J1900 All-In-One POS System

The Acrobat All-In-One POS system offers superior power and speed with a J1900 or i3 processor, two color options for the J1900 in white and black (the Acrobat i3 is available only in black), and is a touch terminal POS system that is powerful and durable enough to handle even the most demanding applications. True to its name, the Acrobat boasts a 14” widescreen LCD LED with a fully adjustable die-cast foldable base. In addition, this All-In-One POS is wall mountable and features a true flat Resistive or Capacitive touchscreen and options that include a MSR, Fingerprint reader, and customer display. With its 14″ widescreen, the Acrobat looks both sleek and attractive on the Universal Printer Base. The Acrobat boasts the Intel® Celeron® Quad Core Processor J1900 2.0GHz CPU and the i3-6100 2.3GHz Skylake CPU. It comes with a large variety of IO ports and are fanless and ventless as well as spill and dust resistant, so they are perfect for harsh environments. The touch terminal also has optional wireless a/b/g/n LAN, a 2D barcode scanner, and is known for low power consumption.


Schlage HandPunch GT400

Schlage HandPunch GT400 is the next generation of the ultimate biometric solution for employee time attendance and workforce management. Bringing a combination of biometric solution and employees' self kiosk information system; employees may easily punch-in, navigate through the large built-in display and retrieve their information detail. These details can consist of schedules, time cards, total hours and benefits.


Schlage HandPunch 3000

There are no cards to create, administer, carry -- or lose. The HandPunch® 3000 verifies employees' identities in less than one second, based on the unique size and shape of their hands. HandPunch 3000 clearly notifies each user of a match using red and green indicator lights. Because no one can punch in or out for your employees, the system reduces time theft and improves payroll accuracy.


Schlage HandPunch 4000

Schlage Hand Punch 4000 Biometric Time Clock identifies the employee by the unique size and shape of their hand. This means your employees will no longer need to carry cards or keys. The costs and risks associated with credentials that can be lost, stolen or duplicated without authorization is also eliminated. Schlage Hand Punch 4000 Biometric Time Clock also eliminates time fraud by making it virtually impossible to “buddy punch.” The result is more accuracy, productivity and profitability for your company.


Schlage HandPunch 1000

Schlage HandPunch 1000 brings you the most effective solutions for employee time attendance and workforce management. The Schlage Biometric HandPunch terminals are equipped with hand geometry technology. Every time the employee places their hand into the HandPunch 1000 reader, the camera takes a three-dimensional scan of the length, width and height. It then turns the image into an algorithm and saves it for future verification.