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Control training & staffing challenges with smart tools

The high-touch hospitality industry confronts training and communication challenges that can raise costs and lower the customer experience. Hospitality training is time-consuming and costly, yet staff turnover may be high.

Gain control of training with VCS solutions that track employee new skills, certifications, and learning opportunities. Once trained and qualified, skill-set matching is available within the VCS platform, ensuring a high-touch business can always have the right employees in the right place at the right time.

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Manage regulatory issues easily & effectively

No industry has been more affected by the COVID pandemic than hospitality. VCS Software regulates appropriate staffing levels to ensure your company is adhering to social distancing guidelines, offers contactless time clock technology so employees can clock in and out from their own personal devices and runs contact tracing reports to instantly alert staff members if they may have been exposed to an ill colleague.

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