Every great employee of a customer-facing business within the leisure and hospitality industry makes it a mission to provide an exceptional customer experience, with many succeeding or failing based on the hospitality workforce management system that’s running the show each workday.

Just like leisure and hospitality workers, human resource professionals in all types of industries are in the business of providing great employee experiences, which can translate into company success. Workforce leaders can improve the reputation of — and loyalty to — an organization through applying service principles and industry values, and ultimately boost strategic value throughout any company.

Moreover, when it comes to the hospitality sector in particular, employees can be compelled to provide excellent experience to the end-customer, thereby building trustworthiness and enhancing every stakeholder’s success in your operations. This is true for hotels, resorts, event centers, restaurants, entertainment venues, and so many other types of businesses within this space.

You can create an environment where employees are happy to work, given opportunities for growth, and motivated to stay, succeed, and serve. Through a unique approach to employee development using the right hospitality workforce management solution, employers and human resources leaders can apply successful practices to provide an exemplary employee experience.

Adjust Your Hospitality Workforce Management as Needed

First, you don’t want to be overly rigid in your approach to hospitality workforce management. Flexible work practices have been commonplace since the COVID-19 pandemic in many industries, and several employers are using this new mentality to continue meeting workers where they are at.

However, many workforce managers fail to realize how much this new model can positively impact employee satisfaction, morale, and loyalty, ultimately reducing recruitment costs and new-hire training. Employers should try accommodating employees’ personal circumstances as much as possible. Staff and team members are more satisfied and productive when employers offer flexibility. In turn, this helps employees provide better customer service and become more accountable to the company for innovation and moving the ball forward in progressive and new ways.

For instance, some hotels and resorts are experimenting with a four-day working week for restaurant chefs. “Hybrid work arrangements mean transformation of consumers and their preferences for hospitality products such as lodging, business dining, or meetings and events,” states one expert’s opinion in a recent article on the topic. “WFH (work from home) will also impact employees’ preferences for their engagement with hospitality organizations. Much experimentation with WFH and hybrid work models are motivated by ongoing labor market conditions. Increases in labor costs and the ongoing reconfiguring of industries suggest that technology solutions will gain increasing importance in managing operating economics.”

When taking personal needs into account with this type of employee model, you avoid losing workers who are experiencing difficulties with their families. Using information gained from learning about employee circumstances — and applying that through a powerful hospitality workforce management software system — you can reimagine how employees can accomplish their goals through collaboration. You’ll come out successful in retaining talent, and your employees are poised to be more productive than ever, leading to a stronger sense of worker fealty and commitment.

Those leading the hospitality industry know that both customer service and employer-employee service principles separate great companies from those that don’t succeed in the long run. These fundamental workplace truths can help companies in the leisure and hospitality space retain superb employees. Providing personalized service to workers through a potent employee management platform and adapting to their needs will lay the foundation for a phenomenal employee experience — which makes a positive impact on any company or organization.

Keep an Open Mind When Implementing Hospitality Workforce Management

Passion projects should be supported and continuously innovative as you mold hospitality workforce management to your employee base. Entrepreneurial activities should be encouraged in company cultures. The ability for employees to take on new challenges and creative ideas allows them to extend their abilities beyond normal day-to-day duties, giving them greater fulfillment at work.

This mindset is captured by listening and taking note of what makes employees zealous for certain projects, as well as encouraging them to experiment with service and product ideas — all while supporting their training and development along the way.

For example, some companies find an employee will initiate a philanthropic project to provide awareness and help victims of certain illnesses during a particular month or time of year. You can support this effort by offering company resources, paid volunteer time, or something even more personal to help accomplish the ultimate goal. By allowing employees to pursue entrepreneurial and nonprofit endeavors, as well as explore new things they are passionate about, you can deliver unexpected positive results — all with the help of an optimized hospitality workforce management application.

Investing, Training, Development, and Hospitality Workforce Management

Investing in employees at a high level will result in greater worker loyalty and satisfaction for any company with long-term aspirations and goals — especially when you utilize and reap the benefits of hospitality workforce management. You’ll gain analytical insights to help you make strategic, data-driven decisions.

Paying higher wages may result in less profit for a company in the short term, but taking a more long-term view on wages, salaries, and benefits can make a positive impact on employee satisfaction and retention. Spending time, money, energy and resources in making the company successful and keeping top performers means cheaper overhead over the long term and lower turnover. An employee management platform worth its technological salt has much to offer in this area.

Additionally, while competitive packages attract strong talent, they also retain that top talent. Many leading hospitality and leisure companies are putting a greater emphasis on employee benefits and salaries coming out of the pandemic era. An entertainment venue, hotel, restaurant, or other competitive business in this space can attract top talent from major international metropolitan areas, which in turn provides motivation to offer excellent service that continues building business.

Culture, Values, and Experience Remain Crucial

Human resource management leadership classes at universities nationwide are increasingly tackling workforce recruitment in the post-pandemic world today, with many beneficiaries of these courses going on to optimize their hospitality workforce management systems. Recruitment of employees that have the propensity to align with a company or organization’s values can be extremely advantageous because they are already familiar with what’s most important.

Furthermore, while a great customer experience is something that’s difficult to teach, an amusement park, family entertainment venue, tourist attraction hub, resort, hotel, restaurant, and many other businesses within the leisure, hospitality and event management industries expect it — on day one. You can put your recruiting and hiring efforts ahead of the competition by selecting staff who already possess excellent attitudes and an entrepreneurial mindset, since these skills can be harder to teach on the job.

VCS Software

VCS Software is your all-in-one solutions platform for hospitality workforce management software whether your business or company is large, medium, or small and serving customers in the leisure, hospitality, and entertainment arena. Our solutions fit your exact needs since organizations can start with core products and use add-on modules for additional capabilities. Contact us to start building a tailored, optimized plan that best suits your needs.

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