iStock-913588226In a recent survey conducted by G2 Crowd, findings revealed that none other than increasing employee engagement will continue on as a main priority for businesses in 2019.

As we all know, “employee engagement” has been a buzz phrase, and trending topic, for quite some time now, and according to G2 Crowd’s findings, it isn’t leaving HR leaders’ radars anytime soon. In fact, they’ve even predicted that businesses will increase their employee engagement spending by 45% in the new year.

But, what exactly are businesses pouring dollars into to make sure their employees are as engaged as ever? Technology.

According to the survey, 80% of employees found that using HR technologies improve employee attitude toward the company.

Employee Engagement Trends

This means implementing software to help engage employees—including “solutions that provide continual training and education, career development, employee recognition, as well as creating programs around topics like wellness—physical, mental, and financial.”

The technology expected to dominate and take HR to the next level in 2019 is far from simple, with the survey concluding that, “companies are increasingly leveraging AI technology to help identify data opportunities, improve internal workflows, and increase productivity, to name a few” as AI can also “help companies improve the employee experience.”

2019 AI in HR Trends

G2 Crowd predicts that AI-driven HR technology innovations will increase by 35% in 2019 — do you agree?

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