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Get Hybrid Workforce Results for Flexible Work Arrangements

VCS Software is your one-stop-shop for remote and hybrid workforce management, armed with an extensive library of task management and productivity monitoring tools. Our software allows employees to punch in and out remotely, enables managers to track daily activities in real-time, and even integrates with top virtual conferencing apps — Teams, Zoom, Skype, GoToMeeting, Webex, Slack, and many more — so you can work from anywhere while still maximizing productivity and collaboration.

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Get Hybrid Workforce Results for Flexible Work Arrangements

Hybrid Work Environment Time Tracking

All VCS workforce management products include the technology needed to turn any device into an employee time clock, so managers can keep track of time and attendance beyond office walls. Plus, today’s modern time clocks go far beyond just tracking employee time, they can also boost workplace satisfaction, improve payroll accuracy, and even streamline your workforce’s overall efficiency.

VCS time tracking capabilities allow:

  • NWorkers to clock in and out from any device, anywhere
  • NManagers to receive employee attendance data right away
  • NManagers to enable geofencing to verify location and attendance
  • NManagers to monitor the activities of their team when employees are out in the field
Hybrid Work Environment Time Tracking
Hybrid Workforce Task Management

Hybrid Workforce Task Management & Productivity Monitoring

No matter where your employees are located, VCS has the tools to ensure that they’re getting their jobs done, so tasks always remain on track and business never falls behind.

Track employee daily activities in real-time with VCS’ employee monitoring tool, Workloads, by:

  • NEasily measuring engagement in project related tasks to ensure business operations are always running smoothly and deadlines are being met
  • NEliminating the need to micro-manage staff with 100% visibility to daily activities
  • NEnhancing your performance review process with instant access to performance data and time and attendance records critical to the process

Remote Work Virtual Conferencing Integrations

As more and more businesses come to rely on remote and hybrid employees, it’s becoming increasingly imperative to address and develop strategies that ensure accountable and productive teams. Virtual collaboration and communication tools are crucial for a successful remote working strategy, which is why VCS software comes fully equipped with built-in integrations with today’s virtual conferencing tools so you can work from anywhere and maximize productivity and collaboration.

VCS seamlessly integrates with the following virtual conferencing tools to ensure that your workforce remains connected even while apart:

  • NTeams
  • NZoom
  • NSkype
  • NGoToMeeting
  • NWebex
  • NSlack
Remote Work Virtual Conferencing Integrations

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