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Progressive organizations striving to demonstrate “best-in-class” practices understand that automation of outdated procedures brings about the fastest ROI (return on investment). Make a positive impact on your business processes by leveraging our expertise in these industries to regulate your scheduling and time & attendance requirements.


Hospitality organizations can create workforce schedules that forecast demand, ensure appropriate service levels are met, and control the schedule as the day progresses.


Law enforcement scheduling poses many unique challenges with varying shifts, overtime, time off, forecasting, and adherence to union and FLSA rules. Utilize cutting-edge, effective technology to addresses these crucial requirements.

Fire & EMS

Emergency response agencies must focus on the serious issues they face on a daily basis, not the manual calculation of attendance. Automate your scheduling to streamline the process and to easily provide accurate data to City Administration.


The public sector faces daily pressure to achieve cost reductions while delivering enhanced services. Software automation brings about an instant return on investment and provides tools for more efficient personnel.


Security encompasses a wide variety of situations and posts that must be covered or patrolled. Maintain required staffing of positions, equipment, and vehicles in a schedule that you are able to customize.


The electronic management of Corrections’ overtime and payroll processes eliminates the time-consuming, error-prone task of manually recording handwritten timesheet information.


Shift scheduling automation in the casino industry has a direct impact on properly meeting customer needs, reducing overtime, and complying with union and legal requirements.

Energy & Utilities

Energy and utility organizations are challenged with properly managing onsite staff, as well as field service crews. Cloud scheduling guarantees self-service access to personal work schedules and improved employee satisfaction.


Be a leader through innovation by providing managers with visibility into the skill sets of workers, their overtime, and the impact those workers have on getting the job done.

Amusement Parks

Accurately managing the enormous variety of shifts in a theme park need not be a daunting task. Software automation effortlessly regulates time off, switches, shift work, seniority, skill sets, and hours worked.


Provide schedules in advance to your fluctuating shifts of full and part-timers. Enable managers to spend more time on revenue-driving tasks.

Professional Services

Professional service firms profit when business processes automation enables them to spend the majority of their time on billable activities.

Logistics & Shipping

Having a proven scheduling process in place is crucial for facilities that receive and send shipments to increase communication, reduce overtime, and define metrics to monitor effectiveness.

Higher Education

Universities and colleges are turning to software technologies for automated scheduling and emergency notification systems that effectively manage campus and public safety personnel.


Connect staff through one solution providing a real-time calendar with fair rotations, certification levels, staff shortage alerts, and shift bidding opportunities.


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