The Hillside Police Department is an existing POSS customer who recently made the switch to Jobs4Blue for the management of their extra duty administration. They almost immediately noticed a difference.

Not only did they save considerable amounts of time, they were able to immediately reassign critical staff to more important tasks, schedule work more consistently, get their officers paid on time, and avoid dealing with the headaches and financial aspects of invoicing and collections that they dealt with in the past.

Before the switch to Jobs4Blue, Chief Vincent Ricciardi of the Hillside, New Jersey Police Department had to pay an untrained police officer to do the administrative work that Jobs4Blue now handles.

The switch allowed the department to eliminate human error, like scheduling issues, as well as creating fair and compliant assignments for all personnel.

Additionally, the Hillside Police Department has saved the salary of a sergeant who was assigned to these duties full-time.

As salary and benefits are concerned, this administrative position equated to $200k and 1,950 hours of work per year.

The sergeant, who was once used for administrative scheduling, is now back on the workforce where they can be of better service to their community.

If your police department is struggling to keep up with its current scheduling and extra duty management, contact Jobs4Blue for a demo. Our services are designed to make your transition to our platform seamless, ensuring an intuitive and efficient system.

Plus, check out our whitepaper, Extra Duty Made Easy: The POSS + JOBS4BLUE ADVANTAGE, for more information on how our police officer scheduling system and managed services for extra duty can transform your department today.

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