For the typical employee, completing a variety of similar tasks day-to-day can usually lead to being cumbersome and downright boring. The predictable 40-hour workweek leads to lack of excitement and with attention spans at an all-time low, thanks to the internet and mobile devices, what can be done to combat this reality?  

Listed below are three ways a business can tackle this raging productivity battle and encourage employees to be active participants in the workplace.  

Take Effective Breaks 

Breaks may seem like something to avoid within the workplace, as they are typically the opposite of productivity. However, breaks are what helps keep productivity fresh and consistentAccording to Work-Fit: 

“Frequent breaks give the mind and body time to recharge. Here are some other benefits to working breaks:  

  • Accidents and injuries in the workplace due to inattention decrease  
  • Employee productivity significantly increases, resulting in a rise in company profits  

Taking breaks at work does increase productivity, even if machines and computers are idle for a few minutes. The short time away gives employees the chance to stretch tired muscles, find relief from sustained positions and postures and retain any information they might have learned in the last hour or so. 

So, it is best not to dismiss breaks in the workplace as a negative. Breaks have a clear benefit, as long as they are not taken advantage of and abused. 

Workplace Conditions 

Organization, teamwork, respect, comfort, and even temperature influence employee productivity. According to Business Town, a comfortable working temperature is between 68- and 70-degrees F° (20-21 C°). If an employee is too hot or too cold, their mind may be using more energy focusing on their body’s discomfort than working effectively.  

Emphasis on teamwork, by allowing employees to get to know one another, is a simple way to ensure understanding and confidence in the workplace. What employee would rather sit in silence than have a friend to have casual banter with to break up the productive workday?  

Appoint and Empower 

It is important to keep in mind that organization and guidance also increase productivity. Employees that have a clear understanding of what is expected of them will perform more confidently and effectively. When there is a lack of direction in an organization, it does not take long for things to unravel. Clear goals should be established before executing plans, as unwanted roadblocks and frequent changes may occur due to lack of planning.  

Appointing tasks and responsibilities to employees will improve morale and build trust. Instilling in staff that they are capable of the tasks they are given will not only increase productivity but implements the idea for employees to strive for larger roles, as they feel valued and respected.  

Tip for Employees 

Working towards short-term goals makes room for motivation. Challenging oneself to complete certain tasks during the day will bring rewarding feeling that what has been set out is now accomplished, thus mastering time management. It is rumored that setting goals allows for more focus, and focus is the key to success in this area. 

Once a business begins implementing these three simple steps, it is certain to boost productivity within the workplace and equips employees to fight the battle of distraction. 


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