Intelligent Workforce Management for the Manufacturing Industry

Meet the unique communication & staffing challenges facing today’s manufacturers

Miscommunication hinders effective workforce management in the manufacturing arena. Employees may miss work instructions for the task at hand; be unable to trust the quality of information due to a profusion of versions; or spend time collecting data that can’t easily be interpreted or used. Meanwhile, the complexity of manufacturing continues increasing as the availability of skilled workers entering the industry declines. This downward trend could directly impact wage inflation and competition for talent, negatively affecting overall productivity and profitability.

VCS Software can resolve both of these communication and staffing challenges. Our offerings including employee self-service, mobile access, and notifications that end communication breakdowns, ensure constant communication among employers and employees. Plus, our platform also has tools to recruit and hire top talent, continue their learning, development and certifications while on board, and automatically match qualified employees to critical positions.

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Manage & comply with workplace safety protocols easily & effectively

Manufacturers face unique challenges in addressing workplace safety hazards from air quality, exposure to extreme temperatures, noise levels, and ergonomic issues like manual lifting of heavy objects. All are critical safety considerations that will negatively affect productivity if not properly managed. VCS analyzes skill sets to ensure the right person with the right qualifications is in the right position at the right time, helping ensure workplace safety.

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