Millennial interested in public sector employment.Although the public sector is well known for its offering of superior benefits, according to MetLife’s recently released Public Sector Report, the time is up where it can simply rely on that reputation alone to land new talent. Today more than ever, “public sector employers need to offer employees the benefits they want” – especially when it comes to attracting millennial candidates, which there has been an evident lag in.

25% of government workers are millennials.

(Image courtesy of MetLife’s Public Sector Report)

The report findings concluded that:

“The average age of a public sector employee is 45 years old, 3 which is higher than the national average. One-fifth of the U.S. population will be 65 or older by 2030, and as the Baby Boomer generation retires, public sector employers need to ramp up their focus on recruiting a new generation of employees.

Millennials, as the current largest portion of the workforce, will not only be in the workforce for years to come, but are starting to take on leadership roles across organizations. By recognizing their individuality and providing benefit options that fit their unique needs, public sector employers can inspire a generation of loyal employees for years to come.”

Typically, when organizations think about company perks, they begin with basics, such as, vacation time, retirement plans and health insurance. While those are still sought after, it’s important to go beyond those barriers to offer benefits that will actually benefit your employees. And today’s employees, they want to grow.

80% of millennials say access to training that helps build a skill set for the future is most important

(Image courtesy of MetLife’s Public Sector Report)

The report found that as “millennials embark on their careers, they are interested in organizations that offer training and career growth opportunities.”

“They are looking for employers to help them build satisfying and successful careers. Employees are more likely to be loyal to their employer when they receive career development opportunities and on-the-job-training. Creating career-building opportunities for younger employees, in particular, is critical as older employees leave the workforce.” 

In fact, millennials cited “access to training that helps build a skillset for the future” as the most important benefit an organization has to offer.

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