Overtime Management Solutions

Take Charge of Overtime Oversight

Reduce overtime costs

VCS has the tools to automate, manage and minimize overtime in the workforce. Our software allows you to proactively manage time to reduce overtime costs and fulfill overtime jobs with eligible personnel.

Balance schedules with the right number of staff on each and every shift to avoid costly over or understaffing. Improve your bottom line with our software that alerts managers before inefficient or costly staffing decisions are made and monitor overtime expenses with a full repertoire of reporting capabilities.

Overtime Management Solutions

Promote fair assignments

VCS promotes fairness, enabling managers to easily and correctly fill overtime, by strategically matching employees by skillset, and ensuring that the right employee, with the right skillset, is always working in the right position, at the right time. Our software allows you to search for a list of employees that can fill an overtime assignment based on an employee’s skills and eligibility to work a specified schedule.

You can specify, when creating or adjusting the rules, the type of qualifications an employee must possess at the time of the assignment in order to qualify for it. This feature allows you to post open shifts based on the needs and workloads of your organization in which employees can sign up for based on the open shifts for which they qualify.

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