Make your payroll effortless with VCS one-step payroll

Let VCS cut your payroll processing time in half and eliminate common errors found in manual systems
  • NSave Time
  • NImprove Efficiency
  • NEliminate Payroll Errors
  • NEnsure Compliance
  • NAvoid Litigation

The Payroll Engine

VCS Intelligent Workforce Management does your payroll preparation work for you. As the workhorse behind the payroll engine, VCS guarantees error-free payroll by automating this process, utilizing real-time electronic timesheets and payroll integration that accurately and instantly report data directly to your payroll provider.

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Our entirely new and seamless payroll process solution, One-Step Payroll, takes your time and attendance data processes and transmits your data file where it needs to be. Reduced from a multi-step process down to one simple click of a button, VCS One Step-Payroll processes schedule and exceptions data, creates timesheets, runs your payroll rules to create your payroll export file, and automatically transfers the formatted payroll file to your payroll provider or manager.

With our ability to seamlessly integrate with any payroll system, employees simply submit timesheets electronically for manager real-time approvals ensuring that all errors are identified and corrected prior to the payroll commit. Intelligent reporting options built within the module provides instant access to records data that simplifies compliance requirements ensuring readiness for any audit as needed.

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Processing your payroll should not be difficult and time-consuming.

With the VCS timesheet module, processing your payroll is as seamless as submitting it.

Integrating with payroll partners is what we do best.

Our list includes, but is not limited to:

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