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VCS not only understands law enforcement’s unique obstacles like complex rotation patterns and unnecessary overtime costs, but more importantly, how to best overcome and manage them. Our signature solution POSS allows you to coordinate schedules, oversee employee hours, manage PTO, overtime and extra duty, improve communication, enhance operations, create 24/7 schedules, track certifications, leave, court appearances and time off, and rapidly access real-time online scheduling data and key employee information.

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Control overtime costs & minimize compliance risk

Many police departments are paying unnecessary overtime costs to avoid last minute scheduling scrambles to ensure they have the right person in the right place during an emergency — VCS can ensure positions are always filled properly, but at a fraction of the cost. POSS manages scheduling to minimize unnecessary overtime and promote fair extra duty assignments by automatically granting or denying overtime based on specific requirements that you set and tracking patterns and budgets with extensive analytics and real-time reporting. With POSS, you can distribute overtime fairly, calculate payroll rules and ensure that the right employees with the right skill sets are always in the right place at the right time.

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