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Staff scheduling software for employees can often be challenging and time-consuming if done manually – automate the tedious task with VCS. Our software ensures your scheduling remains compliant with all collective bargaining agreements, contracts, state and federal legislative rules, internal regulatory and HR policies. Automatically grant or deny PTO & overtime requests based on specific requirements that you set, calculate pay rules and manage minimum staffing levels.

Ensure that the right employee, with the right skillset, is always working in the right position, at the right time. Reduce overtime costs and staff shortages with real-time scheduling analytics. Manage simple schedules or diverse workforces that can include rotating schedules, exempt and non-exempt employees as well as part time and full-time workers.

Empower your staff with our powerful employee scheduling tools

Empower your staff with our powerful employee scheduling tools

VCS offers employee scheduling software self-service tools that can promote a healthy work/life balance, save your business valuable time, and increase employee engagement. Employee self-service features empower employees to take control of their own time management. Staff can view their schedules, make time-off requests, and bid on available work shifts from anywhere at any time. Real-time notifications are then sent to managers to quickly and easily accept or deny, so everyone remains in the loop.

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Software for Employee Scheduling Online

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