The general public is mostly unaware of the process behind officer dispatch. But any police department knows that there is a considerable amount of work that goes into directing a police officer to the site of an accident, a protest, or any other event that requires crowd, traffic direction, security, as well as interpersonal interactions — which is why we created Jobs4Blue.

Jobs4Blue is dedicated to making the extra duty scheduling challenges of the past obsolete. Our services take over the administrative side of extra duty operations, allowing contractors to work directly with us rather than the police department. After receiving a request from a contractor, we hire the officers, allowing them to monitor their work, and update the details of their work through the website or app (such as whether they need to leave a job early or set specific hours), all the while promoting transparency through all aspects of the process. Police departments working with Jobs4Blue give their officers better control over all aspects of their extra duty schedules.

Another challenge we identified that led to our development of this managed service was the relationship between contractors and police.

Because contractors were typically slow payers, payment to an officer for a completed extra duty assignment was often delayed. With Jobs4Blue handling all of the financial aspects of invoicing and collections, contractors are now invoiced promptly, payments are being received within established payment terms and officers are receiving payment in a timelier manner. From a finance standpoint, Jobs4Blue handles all administrative, operational and financial processes that were typically juggled by police departments prior.

Furthermore, managing the workload of extra duty administration is a service to police that entails no cost to the department. Instead, the cost of the service is transferred to the contractor in the form of a small administrative fee. While original concerns were raised that contractors would give pushback on this added charge, surveys have found that they’re in agreement, as it’s a small price to pay for the level of superior service they now receive. Jobs4Blue can offer contractors undivided attention as our only focus is administering extra duty, whereas a police department has the ultimate protection and safety of the communities that they serve as their primary and most important obligation.

Jobs4Blue allows officers to focus on the frontline of ensuring public safety rather than doing administrative work, which ultimately benefits everyone.

Jobs4Blue has the ability to enhance your departments efficiency and reliability when it comes to extra duty scheduling. For more information on how Jobs4Blue can make extra duty easier for your department, check out our full case study to see just how we did it for Hillside Police Department in New Jersey.

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