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Visual Computer Solutions creates intelligent workforce management software that reinvents how you work and scales as your business grows. Compatible for all private businesses, government organizations and public safety agencies, VCS software simplifies employee scheduling, time & attendance, human resources and payroll for today’s modern workforce.

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Developed exclusively for business & government entities, AION goes far beyond your typical workforce management solution.

AION drastically improves the way employees and managers communicate by creating 100% transparency between them with data-driven metrics, real-time access to schedules and daily activities, company-wide broadcast messaging notifications, and 24/7 mobile access.


Customized exclusively for police & law enforcement agencies, POSS is a proven scheduling, time & attendance solution currently powering 700+ Police Departments throughout the U.S.

POSS’ advanced capabilities allow law enforcement agencies to distribute overtime fairly, calculate payroll rules, and ensure that the right officers, with the right skill sets are always in the right place at the right time.


Designed exclusively for correctional agencies & jails, COSS goes above and beyond to manage the laborious workforce processes faced by corrections management personnel on a daily basis.

COSS utilizes artificial intelligence to calculate pay rules, manage minimum staffing levels and configure rules-based scheduling processes while ensuring compliance with all mandated requirements.


Created exclusively for fire & EMS agencies, FIRES is a leading comprehensive management tool for supervisors responsible for overseeing the notoriously demanding, complex and varying schedules of emergency response personnel.

FIRES’ flexible, user-friendly screens automate everything from calendaring, overtime and certifications to payroll, reporting and broadcast messaging.

All the Tools Needed to Manage Your Workforce

Our all-in-one platform has features and add-on modules tailored to your specific needs so that you can enjoy the perfect time and labor management solution for your organization.

Manage PTO Requests & Overtime Effortlessly

Automatically assign, and grant requests, with rules-based processes

Artificial Intelligence to Streamline Workflows

Automating pay rules, staffing, and compliance requirements

Promote a Healthy Work/Life Balance

Employees can bid on available work shifts from anywhere at any time

Connect with Your Team Easier & Faster

Department-wide text and email-based notifications

Secure and Accurate Time Tracking

Integrate with today’s most advanced attendance tracking solutions

Manage your Workforce from Anywhere

Conduct business from a mobile-friendly cloud-based environment

No More Micro-Managing Employees

Track employee activities and measure engagement & growth

Track Time in the Cloud from Anywhere

Automatically calculate timesheets with 100% accuracy

Make it Work with HR & Payroll

A seamless experience for all your business management systems

Make Your Payroll Effortless

Let VCS cut your payroll processing time in half and eliminate common errors found in manual systems.

  • Save Time
  • Improve Efficiency
  • Eliminate Payroll Errors
  • Ensure Compliance
  • Avoid Litigation

VCS Intelligent Workforce Management does your payroll preparation work for you. As the workhorse behind the payroll engine, VCS guarantees
error-free payroll by automating this process, utilizing real-time electronic timesheets and payroll integration that accurately and instantly
report data directly to your payroll provider.

With our ability to seamlessly integrate with any payroll system, employees simply submit timesheets electronically for manager real-time approvals ensuring that all errors are identified and corrected prior to the payroll commit. Intelligent reporting options built within the module provides instant access to records data that simplifies compliance requirements ensuring
readiness for any audit as needed.

Processing your payroll should not be difficult and time-consuming. With the VCS timesheet module, processing your payroll is as seamless as submitting it.

Integrating with payroll partners is what we do best. Our list includes, but is not limited to:

Keep Your Business Running No Matter Where You're Working

Efficiency everywhere - no office needed. In changing times, we’re dedicated to keeping your employees’ productivity a constant.

As you adapt to a new normal, we’re here to help make the switch seamless. We create workforce management software that simplifies employee scheduling, time & attendance, human resources and payroll for businesses. Armed with an extensive library of task management and productivity monitoring tools, the VCS platform is your one-stop-shop for remote working done right.

Our software allows employees to punch in and out remotely, enables managers to track daily activities in real-time, and even integrates with top virtual conferencing apps — Teams, Zoom, Skype, GoToMeeting, Webex, Slack, and many more — so you can work from anywhere while still maximizing productivity and collaboration.

VCS’ all-in-one platform has a vast multitude of features and add-on modules so that you can pick and choose to create the perfect workforce management solution for your organization.

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