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Why Active Schedules for Business


Managing an efficient workforce that’s aligned with business goals is a common challenge in today’s workforce – especially with many organizations facing tighter budgets and increased regulations.

Key factors such as employee availability, staff turnover, labor and regulatory law requirements, last minute on-call and rotating shift changes, employee fatigue and absenteeism issues all play a significant role in aligning your workforce with your business needs.

Regardless of industry, staff scheduling is a tedious and time-consuming task. Manual scheduling methods using Excel spreadsheets or paper and pen leave too much room for human error and takes days, if not weeks to produce a functional and fair schedule. The result is seen in lost time, inaccurate payroll calculations, management and staff disengagement, increases in labor costs and overall loss of workforce productivity… all effecting the bottom line.

Employee scheduling can easily be managed using automation. In fact, the answer to effective employee management can be found in workforce management software that accurately and instantly creates schedules according to need and demand while complying with all labor and regulatory requirements. An effective solution provides businesses with the ability to manage staff and forecast demand which in result reduces costs while creating a more productive and engaged workforce.


We live in a world in which results are expected immediately and competition is intense. Businesses turn to Active Schedules by VCS for the solution. Active Schedules is an online employee scheduling system that combines shift-based workforce management along with the ability to accurately forecast need and demand. Easily manage shifts, schedules, payroll, time clocking and much more with a tool that automates daily workplace tasks. Utilizing Active Schedules ensures that the right people are always working at the right time with the right skill sets thus eliminating the need for costly overtime and shift shortages.

Engage your workforce, increase job satisfaction and staff retention by providing your employees with instant access to their schedules at any time from any device. Employees can view changes and updates to their schedules in real-time, request time off and even bid on open shifts for which they are eligible.

Dramatically reduce the time it takes to efficiently create, access and manage error-free electronic time cards and schedules while creating a variety of reports for management to review. Manage your part-time and full-time workforce seamlessly especially during peak times with a solution that takes the guess work out of your labor planning process ensuring optimization in employee coverage at all times.



Easily find the right combination of part-time and full-time employees for the job based on availability, skill sets, labor laws and seniority.



Create schedules based on real business data and communicate those schedules directly with your employees in real time. Notify staff of schedule changes and updates via email, text or phone.



Receive real-time staff shortage alerts to ensure that you have the right number of employees working on any given shift.

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If you're not 100% thrilled about the time it takes you to schedule the right people to work the right jobs at the right time, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Managers are always obsessing over time management and staff productivity. They have questions like:

  • Why are employees still missing shifts when we post our schedules in the break room?

  • How can we reduce our overtime and labor costs?

  • Our employee turnover rate is through the roof. What can we do to retain our best employees?

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