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If your business hasn’t already implemented workforce software, it’s time to get on board as it’s the most effective tool for maximizing your workforce investment. Most organizations agree that their workforce is their leading expense, with majority of their investments spread across HR items such as salaries, benefits, and employee training.

The general rule of thumb is “you get out what you put in,” which is why employers put a large emphasis on investing in their workforce, because in turn, it becomes their greatest asset in generating revenue. For these reasons, it’s important that employers maximize the output while minimizing the cost of this tremendous resource.

The Elite Employee Scheduling, Time and Attendance Software

Searching for a proven, fully integrated time and labor management solution? Look no further — AION’s intelligent workforce management software does it all.

By introducing workforce software like AION, employers can streamline and automate a wide variety of management tasks, making overseeing people, projects, HR and payroll, faster and smarter than ever before.

Learn more about how AION can streamline all of your employee scheduling, time and attendance needs.

Designed for today’s modern workforce, AION is mobile-friendly, allowing for the work schedule maker to be accessed from anywhere at any time, real-time changes to be made on the go, and instant notifications to keep your entire team in the loop.
AION offers smart payroll prep that can cut your payroll processing time in half and eliminate common errors found in manual payroll processing systems.

AION Takes You Beyond Typical Time and Attendance Software

Designed for today’s modern workforce, AION goes beyond typical employee scheduling software by actually automating the labor-intensive processes involved with overseeing employee time and attendance, rather than simply providing basic schedule management.

AION promotes workforce optimization by utilizing artificial intelligence to simplify scheduling, automate payroll processing, and minimize labor costs and overtime expenses. In short, AION allows you to take control of your most expensive resource – your labor – while simultaneously managing your greatest asset – your employees – all within a single platform.

Workforce Management Software That Can Transform Your Business

AION makes managing paid time off, overtime, daily workloads and employee punches easier, while allowing you to build better schedules and predict labor costs. Additionally, AION is a gamechanger in increasing payroll accuracy, with its smart payroll prep that can cut your processing time in half and eliminate common errors found in manual systems. The accuracy and reliability of AION’s electronic timesheets provide a trackable workforce solution, where employees submit timesheets electronically to supervisors or managers for immediate and real-time approval. With AION’s ability to seamlessly integrate with any payroll system, information is instantly sent to your payroll provider for timely and efficient processing.

AION is a trusted time and attendance software that provides accountability, operational efficiency and significant cost reductions on every level. Learn more about how AION’s intelligent workforce management software can benefit your business.

AION’s employee shift schedule program provides accountability, operational efficiency and significant cost reductions on every level.

Everything You Need to Manage Your Organization
– All in One Platform –

  • Compliance & Rules Management
  • Real-Time Schedules
  • Text & Email-Based Notifications
  • Track Employee Achievements
  • Workforce Analytics
  • Electronic Timesheets
  • Custom Reports
  • Event Scheduling
  • PTO & Overtime Management
  • Employee Monitoring Tools
  • HR & Payroll Integrations
  • Biometric Time Clocks

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