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Our Premier Employee Software Scheduling Solution for Business and Government

  • NManage paid time off, overtime, daily workloads & employee punches easier
  • NBuild better schedules & predict labor costs
  • NCut payroll processing time in half & eliminate common errors found in manual systems

Our employee software scheduling solution, AION, is built for small business and corporate enterprises in the private sector, and public agencies ranging from townships to large metropolitan governments.

AION understands how to best schedule employees for small business, corporate, and municipal organizations. With AION, you can manage time and attendance in one place, streamline communication and drive employee engagement, schedule in minutes, reduce labor costs, easily export to payroll, track patterns and budgets to make smarter data-driven decisions, and speed up time to hire, increase recruiting efficiency and attract top talent.

As the leader in employee software scheduling, AION’s HR, Time & Labor, Payroll, Talent Management and Analytics capabilities will streamline your most tedious scheduling processes.

Control employee scheduling for your most expensive resource – your labor – by easily making work schedules for your greatest asset – your employees – all within a single platform

Schedule employees using VCS AION

Save Time Making Work Schedules

Dramatically reduce the time it takes to efficiently create, access and manage error-free time cards and schedules, and completely eliminate paper while cutting payroll processing time in half.

Manage Your Employee Scheduling from Anywhere

Track time and attendance from anywhere with contactless technology, enjoy built-in integrations with today’s top virtual conferencing tools, and eliminate the need to micro-manage staff with 100% visibility to daily activities.

AION allows you to make employee work schedules
Use VCS AION to Reduce Compliance Risks

Reduce Compliance Risks

Remain compliant with all collective bargaining agreements, contracts, state and federal legislative rules, internal regulatory and HR policies.

Ensure Employee Safety

Automate appropriate staffing levels when you need them most and monitor employee interactions with contact tracing reports.

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Simplify Your Payroll Process

Save time, improve efficiency, eliminate errors and avoid litigation with our smart payroll prep. With our ability to seamlessly integrate with any payroll system, we accurately and instantly report data directly to your payroll provider.

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