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Human Capital Management Platform

The technology at the very core of AION has everything you need to dramatically reduce the time it takes to manage your people and processes.

Our powerful modular based platform lets you choose “add-ons” that are tailored to your specific needs, so you can create the perfect solution for your business.


Customized Desktop

Use active tiles to customize your desktop and create as many dashboards as you like. View data and reports that are the most meaningful to you. While a CEO may require a high-level overview of corporate productivity by department, a department manager may need to view employee data, and employees may simply need access to their work details for the upcoming week or month. Display the targeted data you need in easily configured dashboards that will make your organization more efficient and profitable.

Compliance Manager

Input your employee scheduling and time and attendance rules while remaining compliant with collective bargaining agreements, contracts and state or federal legislative rules. Allow the HCM system to grant or deny overtime based on specific requirements that you set. Calculate pay rules, manage minimum staffing levels and configure a rules-based scheduling platform while ensuring compliance with all mandated business requirements.

Real Time Schedules

View what’s happening when it’s happening with employee schedule real time data, ensuring instant visibility for decision making and determining the right course of action. Make on-the-spot changes based on need, and know when a shift falls below your minimum staffing levels or a call-out occurs.

Timesheet Calculator

Our timesheet calculator takes efficiency to the next level with the elimination of paper and the ability to easily generate electronic timesheets for every employee. Electronic timesheets report accurate calculation of hours worked and can be easily exported for review purposes or sent directly to a payroll company.

Biometric Identification

Uniquely identify a person by evaluating one or more distinguishing biological traits, such as fingerprints, hand geometry, retina and iris patterns, voice waves and DNA. Cutting-edge technology time clocks ensure identification accuracy and improve accountability.

Employee Self-Serve

Empower your workers to manage their own employee schedules. Provide them with the opportunity to request time off, view overtime, and participate in shift bidding using a smartphone, tablet, computer, or kiosk. Empowering your workforce has been shown to positively affect staff morale and employee engagement, both of which directly impact how committed your employee will be to your organization.


Give your employees the ability to choose their own shift schedules. Enable them to bid on open shifts for which they qualify based on predetermined business rules and skill sets. With our Shift-Bidding module, managers can easily create open shifts that account for any work rule such as seniority, qualifications, training, overtime, or location. Shift-bidding greatly reduces time spent on scheduling and promotes increased employee involvement. Providing and promoting employee engagement leads to an increase in overall productivity and a decrease in employee absenteeism rates and turnover.

Mobile Employee Scheduling App

Our HCM platform apps for both iPhone and Android provide continual access to scheduling data. A time off request form becomes a thing of the past as you empower your employees with the ability to view schedules, request time off and punch in using their own smartphone or tablet. Managers, too, can easily and effectively make real time changes and fill shifts from any mobile device. Ensure your HCM needs are taken care of no matter where or when they occur using our mobile employee scheduling app.

Learning and Professional Development

Monitor and track your employees’ training and certification progress staying abreast of any new skills or training that make them eligible for different jobs or promotions. Support of such additional training leads to a highly skilled workforce, greater employee retention, and has an overall positive impact on productivity.

Custom Report Writer

Would you like a way to make employee time tracking and overtime pay calculation simple? Our Custom Report Writer can quantify and analyze any data you need. Get customized reports on time off activity, overtime, productivity, employee, time and attendance and employee scheduling data. This unique one-of-a kind report writer can be used to auto-generate additional custom reports to include any pertinent data or activity you want to capture.

Staff Selector Icon

Staff Selector

Ensure the most productive employee or team is scheduled to work during your busiest time of day, week, month, or season. Staff Selector enables you to strategically match employees by skill set to your critical areas of need. Reduce overtime costs and staff shortages dramatically with real time employee scheduling analytics.

Time & Attendance

Verify schedule data using employee time clock check-ins via key fob, proximity card, and fingerprint or handprint technologies. Compare punch times with the schedule to ensure employees are paid for legitimate work hours. Eliminate the errors associated with manual time cards while providing timely labor data to managers. Increase security with biometric technology as you accurately monitor and track employee activity.


Event Scheduling

Our Event Scheduling module enables you to schedule staff to handle special events with seamless and uninterrupted service. Whether managing a reception, private affair, conference, or concert event, our module enables you to select staff in accordance with need and demand.

Overtime Management

One of the biggest costs in employee scheduling is overtime. Our overtime calculator auto-generates employee lists based on skill sets to ensure the right employees are covering the right jobs. Overtime rules can be customized based on operational and organizational policies and procedures. Realize significant cost savings and control overtime by targeting the employees who are eligible for straight-time, comp-time or even time-and-a-half overtime opportunities.

Staff Shortage Alerts

Staff shortages can arise for many reasons, including last minute absences, poor job sizing or unfilled vacancies. All are easily managed with staff shortage alerts that immediately transmit shift schedule notifications when a shift falls below minimum staffing rules. Customize skill set rules to select and validate the best employees to cover any potentially understaffed shift.

Court Alert

Manage subpoenas and court appearances by connecting court assignments to the schedule. Your schedule will reflect the appropriate employees that must appear in court on any specific date or time. Prevalent in police officer scheduling, this module allows the scheduling administrator to know when an officer is subpoenaed for court and when alternative scheduling is needed.

Activity Tracking

Improve workplace efficiency by tracking time and activities that help you determine what level of workplace operational productivity is acceptable on any given day, week or month. You may wish to judge productivity based on project status and time spent, product production or even number of customers served.

Off-Duty Management

Our HCM solution enables you to fill and bill off-duty or secondary jobs for security detail, construction, or special events that are contracted out for hire to businesses or private citizens. Prevalent in police officer scheduling, fairness assignment rules are applied by skill set, enabling you to track total hours worked, last time worked, and any other additional rules or requirements set by the system administrator.

Crossing Guard Scheduling

Our Crossing Guard module helps you manage the complex employee scheduling requirements for crossing guard needs prevalent in public safety scheduling. Design your scheduling patterns around the part-time variable hours associated with the management of crossing guards, helping to ensure coverage wherever crossing guards are mandated, such as at peak school hours and other special events.

Workforce Communication

Provide instantaneous messaging capabilities for both employees and managers through email, phone, and text messages. Emergency calls, overtime opportunities, shift bidding, time off requests, and approvals can be instantly shared and responded to.

Forms Feature Icon

Forms W-2 / 1095c Services

All admin work for your W-2 & 1095C forms completed for you. Outsource the administrative functions associated with the filing of your W-2 and 1095c forms. Think of how much time you will get back by eliminating these tedious tasks from your HR department.

ATS/Recruiting Feature Icon

ATS / Recruiting

ATS (Applicant Tracking System) automates recruiting & hiring thru resume search, management of candidates & reporting. Using eRecruiting technology enables businesses to automate their hiring processes. Remove the administrative burdens by combining applicant tracking with job requisition management, ad-hoc reporting, a powerful candidate resume search engine and interactive career center technologies.

Online Benefits

All employee information in one place & coordinated with payroll. Capture and track all employee benefit elections, including new hire, life events and annual enrollment. Automate integration with payroll for deductions. Automatically receive notifications for all events, change requests, & pending benefit situations. Access efficient & complete census, dependent, beneficiary, and emergency contact information with a complete history of audit changes. Aquire evidence of insurability (EOI) forms.

Payroll Tax Deposits & Filing Feature Icon

Payroll Tax Deposits & Filing

Payroll tax filing processes completed for you. Outsource the entire payroll tax filing process, so you don’t have to stress over making the deposits and filing on time. Eliminate the risk of penalties and interest for past due filings. Yes, Payroll and Taxes can be completed is an easier way.

ACA Premium Services Feature Icon

ACA Premium Services

Assistance with benefit plan setup, monitoring reports and advance testing of form and filing completion. Fulfillment services such as form printing, mailing, and managing file submissions. Guidance and documentation to navigate ACA regulations. Best of all, guaranteed ACA transmission success.

Specialty Suites For Public Safety

Built from our 20 plus years of experience working in the Public Safety sector, we carefully crafted the perfect modules to add to our AION platform to create Specialty Suites to help Police, Corrections, Fire and EMS to operate at their highest efficiency.

Got Questions? We Got Answers.

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  • Quote

    The implementation of AION has streamlined all aspects of managing time here. During the preliminary installation and training, we were able to define the schedules and coverage of the functions and shifts. For the employees, the kiosk has been invaluable in keeping track of clocking in and out, along with dating the requests for time off. Managing all this through to payroll is so much easier since we implemented AION.

    Long Term Nursing Care Facility - Nantucket, MA


  • Quote

    AION has taken the guess work out of scheduling and made it easy and accurate for every officer. Internal checks and balances in the software make sure that no one is charged or overcharged for the time, which can be the case in a manual system. The timesheet module has revolutionized our ability to provide accurate time off and overtime worked. Thank you for a great product.

    Anthony C. Shelton - Director
    University of Medicine and Dentistry of NJ


  • Quote

    Using AION to drive continuous improvement and lean efficiencies has led to improved cost management.

    Manager, Local Restaurant


  • Quote

    The AION system has not only helped management with increased efficiency and accountability but the officers appreciate the systems features as they accumulate and use their benefit time.

    Norridge Police Department


  • Quote

    Now that employees have taken a role in their own schedules with visibility from managers, our productivity has almost doubled.

    VP Store Operations, Retailer


  • Quote

    I want to say thank you. Your team is like a breath of fresh air. Your team is courteous, professional, attentive, responsive, and very knowledgeable. You guys have gotten customer support right! Bravo! Keep up the good work!

    Somerset County Sheriff/Jail


  • Quote

    Automating our scheduling with AION’s Advanced Scheduler, easily freed up a full day for our supervisors and managers to actually supervise and manage.

    Cathy Venditto, HR Director