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Call Center Managers face many challenges when it comes to scheduling their agents. High employee turnover rates often caused by poor communication between management and staff leave far too many call center floors abandoned during the busiest hours of the day. These variables typically cause a domino effect that negatively impacts Key Performance Indicators (KPI) such as busy hour traffic performance (BHT), blocking percentages and expected wait times (EWT). Without proper employee scheduling tools, Call Center Managers struggle to scale Call Center Scheduling Adherence metrics, which in result causes important decisions to be made based on inaccurate data.


Approving shift-trades and filling missed or open shifts are no longer time-consuming thanks to Active Schedules, a workforce management solution that speaks to the challenges and demands of call centers of all sizes. Active Schedules' unique infrastructure is designed for Call Center Managers to seamlessly manage their agents and ensure that their call center floor is operating like a well-oiled machine. Schedule your workforce with Active Schedules today and discover how easy it can be to decrease employee turnover and increase company profits.



Easily find the right combination of temporary, part-time and full-time call center agents to fill open shifts based on availability, skill sets, labor laws and seniority.



Notify call center agents of schedule changes via text, email or mobile applications.



Know how many agents are needed on the call center floor at any given time and schedule accordingly using Active Schedule's predictive analytics tool.

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If you're not 100% thrilled about the time it takes you to schedule the right people to work the right jobs at the right time, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Managers are always obsessing over time management and staff productivity. They have questions like:

  • Why are employees still missing shifts when we post our schedules in the break room?

  • How can we reduce our overtime and labor costs?

  • Our employee turnover rate is through the roof. What can we do to retain our best employees?

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