Proven Time & Attendance Scheduling for Correctional Agencies & Jails

Automating all scheduling functions from relief factor management and training schedules to overtime and payroll integration functionality


Maintaining fair and effective workforce scheduling to address the intricate day-to-day operations of a correctional facility is no easy task, but COSS will have you covered.

As the only authentic corrections scheduling and time & attendance solution that exists in the marketplace today, COSS provides a customized scheduling solution specifically for correctional agencies and jails that was designed to meet the real-world challenges facing criminal justice facilities.

Everything You Need to Manage Your Correctional Facility
– All in One Platform –

  • Central Intake Personnel Management
  • Relief Factor Management
  • Outsourced Vendor Scheduling
  • Medical & Inmate Transfer Staffing
  • Daily Correction Officer Activity Tracking
  • Overtime Justification Logs
  • Special Assignment & Relief Officer Management
  • Advanced Holiday Rules
  • Overtime Accountability & Budget Management
  • Photo Enabled Time Clocks to Avoid Buddy Punching
  • Relief Co-Efficient Analysis
  • Shift Trades
  • Overtime Valuation & Justification
  • Staff Shortage by Facility, Post or Pod
  • Seniority Reports
  • Multiple Daily Rosters
  • Strength Reports
  • On-Call Employee Management
  • Rotating & Fixed Schedule Capabilities
  • Permanent & Non-Permanent Reciprocal Schedule Switching

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98% Customer Retention Rate

“The best support and tech. Resolved staffing, time and attendance, and overtime issues – versatile system. My department has 507 uniform staff and 163 support staff.”

Director Ron Edwards
Hudson County Corrections, NJ

“The VCS support team is ALWAYS extremely responsive and helpful. They consistently go the extra mile and exhibit phenomenal patience. The customer service we receive is top notch. Words cannot express effectively the level of appreciation for the individuals that work through the issues with our VCS team. Thank you for always being there.”

Sheriff Linny Kosensky
Somerset County Jail, NJ

“Your team is like a breath of fresh air. Your team is courteous, professional, attentive, responsive, and very knowledgeable. You guys have gotten customer support right! Bravo! Keep up the good work!”

Sgt. Rubin Crespo
Somerset County Jail, NJ

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