Extra Duty Management System



Dedicated System for Managing Outside Employment

EXTRA DUTY is a user-friendly, outside employment management system that will assist scheduling administrators when managing, scheduling, and billing extra duty side jobs. It was developed in response to the specific need for systemizing the process and relationship between law enforcement and private vendors who have the need for a public safety presence.

The extra duty assignments of law enforcement personnel raise many challenges, including fairness, coordination with the primary police schedule, and administrative costs; as well as compliance with workers compensation and liability policies. Effective monitoring and oversight is essential to ensure that the outside employment program is an example of best business practices, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

By using EXTRA DUTY, vendors can sign in to the online system to enter secondary jobs and the skill sets related to them, as well as hourly pay rate information. The rules-based engine takes that information and searches for personnel possessing the skill sets, job availability, and seniority that best match the jobs. Extra duty coordinators manage the vendor jobs and post them online for officers.

These employees will have the opportunity to view and put in their requests for one or more extra duty openings. The system can be customized to immediately award jobs fairly based on last time worked, overtime hours, first-come first-serve, or seniority. Automated alerts or emails will be sent to the employees when a job has been awarded.

Finally, the extra duty coordinator can easily create invoices for the work, administrative fees and equipment fees and send them directly to the contractor via email. All of this directly interfaces with the normal payroll process. The outside vendor or business has the power to view the information, accept or decline, receive an invoice and pay – all online!

Whether the security presence is needed for parades, traffic control, road construction, sporting events, or bank/school/citizen/commercial security, EXTRA DUTY effortlessly handles the assignment and tracking of billable and non-billable jobs. Workforce analytics and reporting capabilities empower contractors and vendors to work together in a more efficient way.

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Extra Duty Features

  • Electronic Timesheets

    The schedule is easily maintained with electronic timesheets that can be generated for every employee each pay period.

  • Cloud Technology

    An innovative cloud-hosted environment is included with each solution, making the SaaS model easy, secure, and reliable.

  • Employee Self-Serve

    Employees are empowered to view and manage their own schedules, which contributes to a happier, more productive workforce.

  • Robust Reporting

    With over 45 canned reports and 50 popular custom reports, productivity, cost effectiveness, and all other activities can be quantified and analyzed accordingly.

  • Real-Time Schedules

    Immediately know when overtime is needed, a shift falls below minimum staffing levels, a certification has expired, or a call-out occurs.

  • Payroll Services

    The accurate calculation of employee work hours according to your business, union, and HR rules will take one-third of the time it takes to complete manually.
    Utilize VCS Payroll or integrate with any other provider.

  • Broadcast Messaging

    Instantaneous messaging capabilities through email, phone, and text provide supervisors and employees with essential communication tools.

  • Import/Export Gateway

    Import various types of data from other systems into the scheduling solution or export data in .csv, .txt, and .xml formats.

  • Extra Duty Billing

    Off-duty or secondary side jobs that are contracted out for hire to businesses or private citizens can be automatically filled and billed within the scheduling solution.

  • Extra Duty Request

    Users can request to work pre-selected extra duty jobs that are posted to the schedule via software, the web, and through a smart phone.

  • Eliminate Paper

    The elimination of paper slips and timecards immediately improves workforce productivity and organization.

  • Security Levels

    Use the Security Designer to customize all security levels and corresponding permissions within the system.

  • Smart Phone Access

    Access any of our dynamic rules-based employee scheduling solutions right from your mobile devices!

  • Staff Shortage Alerts

    Receive immediate alerts when a shift falls below minimum staffing requirements with a vibrant change in shift color right on your dashboard.

  • Rules Policy Automation

    Input the rules of your organization’s scheduling and time & attendance policies, and customize them at any time.

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