Fire & Rescue Workforce Management Software

Fire & Rescue Workforce Management Software

  • NReduce payroll errors, buddy punching, and overtime costs
  • NOptimize staff scheduling to ensure appropriate coverage and safety
  • NStreamline administrative tasks & boost productivity
Fire department scheduling software
Designed for fire and EMS professionals, FIRES provides a customized workforce management solution to alleviate the burden of administrative paperwork, labor management, and payroll calculations. With FIRES, you can manage multiple scheduling patterns and equipment/vehicle staffing, control labor costs, minimize compliance risk, and automate everything from calendaring, overtime and certifications to payroll, reporting, and broadcast messaging.
As the leader in workforce management, FIRES is the most powerful, versatile, and easy-to use HR, Time & Labor, Payroll, Talent Management and Analytics solution available to fire and EMS agencies.

Much More Than Fire & EMS Scheduling Software

Track Employee Licenses, FIRES Trainings, & Certifications

Track Employee Licenses, Trainings, & Certifications

Manage and record all certifications, licenses, and trainings to ensure compliance standards are always met. Monitor and track your employee training and certification requirements as needed. Always know when an employee has acquired new skills or training that makes them eligible for additional working jobs or promotions.

Eliminate Compliance Risks & Meet OSHA Standards

Distribute overtime fairly, calculate payroll rules and ensure that the right employees with the right skill sets are always in the right place at the right time.

Set Staffing Levels & Eliminate Compliance Risks
Set Fire Department Staffing Levels

Set Fire Department Staffing Levels

Take advantage of advanced scheduling features including: PTO & overtime management, equipment scheduling, on-call employee management, staff shortage notifications, shift & vacation bidding, skillset management, multiple scheduling patterns, and career & volunteer scheduling capabilities.

Save Time Creating Shifts, Rosters, Overtime Planning, Schedule Bids, & More

Dramatically reduce the time it takes to efficiently create, access and manage error-free time cards and schedules, and completely eliminate paper while cutting payroll processing time in half.

Save Time Creating Shifts, Rosters, Overtime Planning, Schedule Bids, & More
FIRES - Apply Automated Union Rules

Expedite the Payroll Process & Eliminate Errors; Apply Automated Union Rules

FIRES guarantees error-free payroll by automating this process, utilizing real-time electronic timesheets and payroll integration that accurately and instantly report data directly to your payroll provider.

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