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Why Active Schedules for Government


Today’s public servants operate within a climate of public scrutiny where labor costs, workforce productivity, and best practices are constantly being assessed. Without the proper workforce management tools, government agencies are often exposed to compliance and labor law risks due to the lack of real-time visibility of employee schedules, leaves of absences and overtime management.

Key factors such as employee availability, staff turnover, labor and regulatory law requirements, last minute on-call and rotating shift changes, employee fatigue and absenteeism issues all play a significant role in aligning your workforce with your business needs.

Often, government agencies rely on manual processes like Excel or pen and paper to manage their entire employee scheduling processes, which in result ultimately leads to inaccurate union and compliance calculations, making them vulnerable to lawsuits, loss of productivity and increased labor costs.

Employee scheduling for government entities can easily be managed using automation. In fact, the answer to effective employee management can be found in time and labor management software that accurately and instantly creates schedules according to need and demand while complying with all labor and regulatory requirements. An effective solution provides businesses with the ability to manage staff and forecast demand which in result reduces costs while creating a more productive and engaged workforce.


Managing the scheduling and time & attendance needs for municipalities require a specialized solution that takes into consideration the uniqueness of their operational processes. Active Schedules for Government provides the offices of Purchasing, Taxation, Building/Zoning, Finance, and the Department of Public Works with the accurate tracking of payroll, compliance requirements, and time balances.

Instant reporting features provide essential data displayed in numerical, pie chart and bar graph formats. Daily job tracking for snow and leaf removal, garbage collection, road maintenance, and street cleaning can be tracked by personnel and vehicle.

FEMA reports will be readily available with total expenditure amounts neatly organized by the categories you select.

With the ability to integrate civilian and non-civilian timekeeping needs, the Active Schedules for Government solution allows for accurate schedule creation aligning labor with need, all the while giving you the resources to address regulatory policies and compliance requirements.



Comply with collective bargaining agreements, contracts and state or federal legislative rules as required.



Electronic timesheets report accurate calculation of hours worked and can be easily exported for reviewing purposes or sent directly to any payroll company.



Reports on time off activity, overtime, productivity, employee, time & attendance and scheduling data, and all other activities can be quantified and analyzed with the Custom Report Writer.

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