• Coordinating daily extra duty job schedules
  • Responding to contractor requests
  • Handling emergency and non-emergency jobs
  • Chasing down collections from delinquent accounts

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Jobs4Blue is The Leading Expert in Extra Duty Management Since 2003

We administer extra duty programs, so you can remain focused on the frontline


Real Time Job Posting

View available jobs instantly

Automated Billing Upon Job Completion

Invoice instantly sent to customer

Expedited Payment Processing

Eliminates the time lapse between jobs worked and payments received

No Agency Costs

Need we say more

Full Liability Insurance Coverage

As a business entity, Jobs4Blue provides professional liability insurance protection

Rules and Skill Based Job Awarding Options

Your rules, Your way… ensuring that jobs are awarded fairly

Immediate Notifications

Instantly create and award jobs

Flexible Worker Availability Options

Officers have option to post their work availability

How Jobs4Blue Works

We Take The Call

Contractors contact J4B and inform us of the job details and personnel needed, so we can fill the extra duty position. Thanks to our decades of police scheduling experience as well as the ability to view current work schedules, we have extensive knowledge of who is needed where. For example, while a contractor may assume only one officer is needed for a specific job, we know workload requirements and that the entire operation will get shut down if there isn’t two officers present. We have a close-knit relationship with many contractors and often act as a consultant for them to best fill their jobs. Contractors have even expressed to us that they don’t mind paying the additional fee, as it’s a small price to pay for the exceptional service they receive.

We Build the Job

After receiving the job details from the contractor, the Jobs4Blue team gets right to work on building the job within our system, logging all logistics and requirements needed.

Officers Get a Notification

After inputting the job into our system, eligible officers immediately receive a notification that the job is available. Only those who meet proper requirements are alerted of the job, this way an officer’s time is never wasted bidding on a job for which they don’t qualify. Using our off duty scheduling software, officers have the ability to instantly sign up for the job with just a click of a button via computer or mobile device.

We Award the Job

J4B awards the job based on best eligibility. When a job is awarded, officers will immediately receive a text message, email notification and telephone call to confirm the award and acceptance of the job.

We Confirm With the Contractor

Once an officer has accepted the job, we confirm with the contractor that the position has been filled. We ensure everything is handled and that everyone remains in the loop.

Officer Checks In & Out Of Jobsite

When the officer arrives to the jobsite, they check-in via their mobile device. Once the job is completed, they check-out the same way. Upon checking out, officers can add comments as needed. Worked an extra hour? Used their personal vehicle? Simply make a note of it in our off duty scheduling software and we make sure they receive the proper compensation for it all.

We Perform Job Verification

We quickly and efficiently investigate to confirm the job has been completed as noted by the officer. Job verification ensures that timely payment terms are always met by Jobs4Blue.

Officers Get Paid Upfront

No waiting period for officer payment. VCS finances the float and ensures that officers receive immediate payment processed in conjunction with their next payroll.

We Absorb the Financial Risk

Jobs4Blue works directly with the contractor to establish preferred payment method whether it’s invoicing, escrow, ACH transfers, credit card or online payments. In the event that a contractor fails to pay for service, Jobs4Blue will handle all collection activity thereby removing that burden from the business.

See What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal. Learn how organizations around the globe are using VCS to better manage their most complex scheduling patterns and tedious business processes.

Jobs4Blue makes it very easy to schedule, cancel and check if jobs have been assigned through the portal. I really appreciate that if I schedule a job and it looks out of the ordinary from what I usually schedule I can be sure to get a call back just to confirm.

Maria Sousa

Henkels & McCoy

Jobs4Blue simplifies the scheduling of multiple towns, and gives us phone and email confirmation. Jobs4Blue allows scheduling a week ahead or immediate emergency jobs with the same simple process. Jobs4Blue gives us the convenience of scheduling on off hours, outside of normal office hours. Jobs4Blue call representatives are always accommodating and it is much easier that trying to connect with an often-busy Officer on call.



I speak for myself when I say all the representatives at Jobs4Blue are always extremely helpful and professional! Anytime I have to book or cancel a job, there is always someone available to help me, which I truly appreciate!

Vera Pimenta

Penn Bower Inc.

20+ Years of Police Scheduling Experience | 98% Customer Retention Rate

Trusted relationships with top vendors

Already a POSS customer? Upgrading to JOBS4BLUE is simple.

We Know Your Schedule

An upgrade to your existing POSS Extra Duty module, Jobs4Blue is the only system that integrates with POSS for seamless scheduling and the ability to instantly react to real-time changes. With direct access to officers’ schedules in POSS, the Jobs4Blue team knows upfront when they’re eligible and available to take on extra duty jobs – no guessing or back-and-forth needed.

We Get Extra Duty

We know the inner workings of how police use extra duty, and we can take it to the next level for you. We’re backed by our 20 years of experience working with local police departments to specifically develop the functionality needed to manage extra duty properly. Plus, our solutions have been tested by industry leaders to confirm all needs and requirements are met.

Our Services Are Free

Upgrade your POSS Extra Duty module and let our Jobs4Blue team do the work for you. There are no additional costs for your department or municipality. Instead, the cost of the program is transferred to the contractor with a small administrative fee that they pay.

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