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POSS Police Scheduling Software

  • NTrack certifications, leave, court appearances & time off
  • NManage time to reduce overtime costs & promote fair extra duty assignments
  • NRapidly access real-time online scheduling data & key employee information
POSS Police Scheduling Software

POSS is the most trusted Police scheduling software with more than 700 police departments across the U.S. POSS not only understands law enforcement’s unique obstacles like complex rotation patterns and unnecessary overtime costs, but more importantly, how to best overcome and manage them.

With POSS, you can coordinate schedules, oversee employee hours, manage PTO, overtime and extra duty, improve communication, enhance operations, control overtime costs, create 24/7 schedules, and minimize compliance risk.

As the leader in workforce management for police, POSS goes above and beyond to alleviate the administrative burden so officers can remain focused on the frontline.

Manage Your Unit Smarter With POSS Police Scheduling

Manage Your Unit Smarter With POSS Police Scheduling

Save Time Scheduling Police Officers

Dramatically reduce the time it takes to efficiently create, access and manage error-free time cards and schedules, and completely eliminate paper while cutting payroll processing time in half.

Eliminate Compliance Risks with Police Scheduling

Distribute overtime fairly, calculate payroll rules and ensure that the right employees with the right skill sets are always in the right place at the right time.

Eliminate Compliance Risks with Police Scheduling
Control Overtime Costs with Police Overtime Scheduling

Control Overtime Costs with Police Overtime Scheduling

Automatically grant or deny overtime based on specific requirements that you set and track patterns and budgets with extensive analytics and real-time reporting.

Streamline Officer Scheduling with POSS

Take advantage of advanced scheduling features including: rotating & fixed schedules, staff shortage notifications, shift substitution & trades, shift & vacation bidding, PTO & overtime management, on-call employee management, crossing guard & court scheduling.

Streamline Officer Scheduling with POSS
Easily Manage Police Scheduling for Extra Duty and Off-Duty

Easily Manage Police Scheduling with Our Software

Automatically fill and bill extra duty jobs for security detail, construction or special events based on fairness assignment rules.


The Leader in Police Scheduling Services for Extra Duty

Looking to outsource your police extra duty program? Look no further – Jobs4Blue handles it all so there’s no hassle for you. Our 20+ years of police scheduling experience and trusted relationships with top vendors allow us to seamlessly administer extra duty programs so you can remain focused on the frontline.
poss and jobs4blue perfect together

Already a POSS customer? Upgrading to JOBS4BLUE Police extra duty scheduling is simple.


An upgrade to your existing POSS Extra Duty module, Jobs4Blue is the only system that integrates with POSS for seamless scheduling and the ability to instantly react to real-time changes. With direct access to officers’ schedules in POSS, the Jobs4Blue team knows upfront when they’re eligible and available to take on extra duty jobs – no guessing or back-and-forth needed.


We know the inner workings of how police use extra duty, and we can take it to the next level for you. We’re backed by our 20 years of experience working with local police departments to specifically develop the functionality needed to manage extra duty properly. Plus, our solutions have been tested by industry leaders to confirm all needs and requirements are met.


Upgrade your POSS Extra Duty module and let our Jobs4Blue team do the work for you. There are no additional costs for your department or municipality. Instead, the cost of the program is transferred to the contractor with a small administrative fee that they pay.

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