America’s Only Scheduling, Time & Attendance Solution Designed Exclusively for Police

700+ Police Departments across the U.S. are powered by POSS


Police scheduling is tough, but our signature software product, POSS, is well-armed to handle your most tedious time and attendance challenges. We’ve spent 20+ years doing a ride along and have implemented what we’ve learned into all of our features.

As the only product of its kind designed exclusively for police agencies, sheriff’s offices, security organizations, and campus police, POSS combines centralized scheduling, time & attendance, electronic time cards, and payroll functionality.

Everything You Need to Manage Your Police Force
– All in One Platform –

  • Shift Trades
  • Advanced Scheduling
  • Time & Attendance
  • Biometric Identification
  • Garcia Rule Tracking
  • Staff Shortage Management
  • Pitman Schedule & Kelly Time Tracking
  • Open Shift Processing
  • Crossing Guard Scheduling
  • Ad Hoc Reporting
  • Officer Certification Tracking
  • On-Call Employee Management
  • Daily Rosters
  • Shift Bidding
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Advanced Court Scheduling
  • Rotating & Fixed Schedules
  • Timesheets & Payroll Integration
  • Export Roster to CAD
  • Overtime & PTO Management
  • Extra Duty

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We Can Manage & Administer Your Entire Extra Duty Program

Jobs4Blue is a managed service by VCS that takes the administrative burden off of your department and into the hands of our experienced and trusted Extra Duty Job Coordinators. Take Extra Duty to the next level while enjoying a peace of mind knowing that your Extra Duty program is always in the best of hands.

98% Customer Retention Rate

“POSS has enabled Atlantic County (a department of 250 employees) to save more than $70,000 per year simply by effectively managing payroll and overtime while paying for itself in the first year alone.”

Sgt. Anthony Minetti
Atlantic County Department of Public Safety, NJ

“Since implementing POSS, our payroll process is much faster and more efficient. We were additionally able to get rid of all handwritten slips that we had been using for sick time, vacation time and overtime requests which has resulted in a tremendous cost savings for the department. The amount of report options available in POSS is incredible. The system is truly invaluable to us.”

Norma Zamudio
Arcadia Police Department, CA

“The POSS software allowed us to automate our benefit-time management and take our paper schedules electronic, allowing for a significant increase in efficiency in both of these areas.”

Lt. Joseph Colditz
Barrington Hills, IL

“The name Police Officer Scheduling System told us everything that we needed to know. This was a program designed to meet our specific needs as a police department – and it has done so in every way.”

Chief Mitch Little
Toms River, NJ

“The system has not only helped management with increased efficiency and accountability but the end users appreciate the systems features as they accumulate and use their benefit time.”

David Disselhorst
Norridge, IL

“We went from a 2’x 3’ piece of plywood with a paper and pencil to POSS. I couldn’t imagine functioning without POSS. We have virtually eliminated our paper trail.”

Sgt. Rick Blake
Bethlehem, PA

“The way your system is laid out, I can easily find anything I need to, from reports to building a new shift out. The rare occasions I have had to use support, your Tech Support team has been fantastic.”

Lt. Jim Bennett
Brigantine, NJ

“The POSS software is performing very well for our agency; I don’t know what I would do without it. Like wine, as POSS ages it gets better with time. That cannot be said about all products we use today.”

Captain Earl Gifford
Oakhurst, NJ

“POSS has unilaterally enhanced scheduling, overtime, training and the overall effectiveness of many other administrative duties of our department. It’s backed up by a dedicated technical support staff.”

Lt. Tom Herbst
Manville Police Department, NJ

“The program is worth the investment in terms of saving manpower with scheduling, OT tracking and extra duty. It was easy to show all levels of the department and is a very “user friendly” program with more than enough features to do all we have asked. The support and staff available for questions is excellent.”

Lt. Audrey Haug
Elk Grove Police Department, CA

“POSS has been an outstanding tool that has allowed our scheduling and payroll to be more accurate and efficient. This has been the one product that I can say has been as good as advertised.”

Captain Jeff Swiatkiewicz
Plymouth Police Department, MN

“The POSS “cloud” greatly reduced our maintenance costs, the difficulties which we experienced from meshing different software platforms and the man hours necessary to manage our system.  In a nutshell, the POSS “cloud” has made the complicated, simple!”

Chief John Zebrowski
Sayreville Police Department, NJ

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