Staff Selector

Managing employees can often be challenging and time-consuming if done manually – automate the tedious task with VCS Staff Selector. This module allows you to post open shifts based on the needs and workloads of your organization. When creating or adjusting the Staff Selector rules, you can specify the type of qualifications and skills an employee must possess at the time of the assignment/job to qualify for it; employees can then sign up for open shifts that they meet the requirements for. Staff Selector also streamlines overtime, ensuring proper coverage at all times by automatically filling and managing extra shifts.

The Staff Selector module distributes work opportunities evenly, ensuring fairness when selecting employees for open shifts, by: 

staff selector add on module
  • NStrategically matching employees by skillset or any defined rule set unique to your organization for any critical area of need
  • NEnabling managers to easily and correctly fill regular overtime, mandated holdovers, or any other kind of open shift that requires staffing
  • NManaging diverse workforces that can include rotating schedules, exempt and non-exempt employees as well as part time and full-time workers
  • NEnsuring that the right employee, with the right skillset, is always working in the right position, at the right time

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