Today’s employment landscape is all about mobility, remote work locations, and prompt answers. This highlights the essential need for instantaneous access to job data via technology. VCS’ online employee scheduling systems can be utilized through devices such as smart phones, desktops, laptops and tablets by empowering your workforce to independently manage and monitor their own schedules. Research shows that employees who have advance notice and knowledge of their work schedules are ultimately happier and more positive about their jobs, thus enhancing productivity. Providing mobile access to real-time data significantly reduces the number of time balance questions and leave requests supervisors encounter on a regular basis. It also streamlines the overtime management and bid shift processes. Utilizing this automation enables management staff to dedicate their time to more important job functions which will positively impact an agency’s bottom line.

Employees can easily navigate the system remotely to perform numerous functions:

Gain immediate access to commonly used time & attendance tasks
Verify daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly schedules
Notify supervisor of sick leave
Request or modify time off
Bid on shifts
View and request extra duty, overtime, or special job opportunities
Clock in and out with GPS functionality

Supervisors can monitor real-time data to intelligently make quick staffing decisions:

Add or remove employees from schedule
Manage switches and replacements
Approve or deny leave requests
Update details and activities in logs
Schedule and monitor overtime
Award open shifts
Auto-assign employees to jobs
Put employees on call

VCS' cloud model delivers all of these features with impenetrable security through a state-of-the-art, highly redundant network and data center infrastructure.