VCS’ employee scheduling software is designed from the inside-out with only our users in mind. Every organization has unique shift planning and staff scheduling needs. Whether you are assigning police officers to posts, nurses to rotating shifts, machine operators to a warehouse, or staff to the retail floor … our software systems operate as if they have been tailored to the exact way you conduct business.

The fundamental design principle of our timekeeping software is to make the system customizable through configuration. Each business rule by which your organization operates can be input into the system and then run against your schedule for workforce optimization and labor analytics.

Significant cost savings will be realized with the proper management of overtime, assigning correct jobs to appropriately certified staff, and forecasting demand scenarios. Increased efficiency and productivity will be gained through the automation of manual calculations, elimination of paperwork, and the autonomy of employees having independent access to their schedules. Lastly, the benefits of scheduling standardization and policy automation will produce an accurate audit trail for responding to grievances and immediate requests for reports from administration.

The tool kit for configuration within VCS’ scheduling suite of products will give clients control over how they want to use the system.

Build Schedule Customize workplace terminology, schedules, shifts, rotations, PTO, vacation, accruals, seniority, certifications, and more.
Security Designer Set security levels for an unlimited number of positions.
Policy Automation Record and standardize policies, rules, and requirements according to your business or agency practices.
Timesheets and Payroll Integration Specify pay rates, pay steps, overtime rules, and more. Create a custom interface with any payroll system.
Report Writer Retrieve a multitude of reports according to the exact information desired by building custom reports.

Once the system is mapped to your specifications, you will receive the exact data and reports you require to work efficiently, cost effectively, and according to mandated requirements.