Technology is evolving, and in today’s age the ability to communicate messages via email, phone, and text is a necessity. Each product within our scheduling suite has incorporated that philosophy with the Message Center feature, as well as the PARS (Personnel Audio Response System) module.

Through the Message Center, system administrators and supervisors can send and receive user-defined messages via text, phone, or email to an individual, a team of employees, or to all employees within the shift scheduling system. It’s as easy as composing a message, selecting recipients within a list, confirming the selections, and clicking send.

With the PARS module, administrators are equipped with the flexibility to auto-call employees to fill available overtime or extra duty shifts in a systematic, customizable order.

Employees can then choose to accept or deny offers on available shifts by adhering to the prompts, and their selections will automatically be logged into the system.

When a staff member accepts the available shift, the auto-caller will cease calling the additional employees on the list. Utilizing the PARS module will reduce the time it takes you to fill open shifts where you would otherwise do so manually.

In addition to auto-filling shifts through PARS, users can also request time off and retrieve schedule information by calling a unique phone number and entering their personalized pin.

With today’s mobile workforce, Broadcast Messaging ensures proper two-way communication between supervisors and employees, and provides the power of schedule-connected messaging from wherever you are.