The precise calculation of employee work time is imperative for accurate payroll processing. In every line of work, proper payroll records are indispensable and necessary to avoid errors, complaints, and potential grievances. Whether you operate a company with thousands of employees or have fewer than a dozen, automated payroll processing is a must.

VCS payroll integration means paying employees with real-time data directly from the schedule. In addition to regular hours worked, our systems take into account PTO accruals, overtime, shift differentials, business rules, labor laws, pay rates/steps, back pay, holidays, and more. Web-based timesheets are stored in one location to easily manage timesheet submissions, changes, and reporting. Time clock punches or biometric identification will affirm the schedule. All of this occurs prior to payroll processing so that adjustments can be made in a timely manner beforehand, instead of after a pay period has ended.

With a manual process, payroll is a chore that can take hours or days to complete. The dual entry of employee time is error-prone, and inaccurate timesheets are the norm due to employee rounding and “close enough” calculations.

Report features are not available and overtime cannot be managed proactively. Compliance law is next to impossible to regulate manually.

Synchronizing VCS scheduling systems with your payroll provider will cut this labor-intensive task down to a fraction of the time it takes with a manual process. Some areas of return include: decrease in duplication of efforts, employee timesheet preparation and supervisor time card review, as well as improvements in reporting capabilities, proactive overtime control, and fair labor allocation. Implementing an automated solution can save an organization 5-7% of their annual payroll, according to the American Payroll Association.