With employees at the foundation of every organization, it’s no secret that a company’s workforce is its most valuable resource… or at least it should be. If you’re not there yet, or want to remain on top, you may want to consider implementing technology into your HR plan to give you that extra boost.

With the right technology, comes more united, productive, and efficient employees. Below are just a few of the many ways technology can play a role in HR and how it can benefit your workforce.

Time & Attendance Made Easier

When it comes to work, life can sometimes get in the way. Whether it’s an unexpected trip to the doctor or a child’s baseball game, time & attendance tools allow employees to connect with management easier and faster, ensuring that their shift is always covered, by:

  • Giving employees the freedom to manage their own schedules from anywhere, at any time, on any device
  • Allowing on-the-spot changes to be made based on need, this way an employer is alerted when a shift falls below their minimum staffing levels or when a call-out occurs 

Additionally, overtime is a common result of struggles with scheduling and extended work hours. The good news is that it can be managed or avoided entirely using a Time & Labor Management Solution that’s fully equipped with advanced overtime management tools.  

Payroll Processing Expedited

Let’s face it: long gone should be the days of spending long hours manually entering time entry data onto excel or even worse, paper timesheets. Payroll processing takes efficiency to the next level with the elimination of paper and the ability to easily generate electronic timesheets for every employee.

Time can be saved, and the risk of human error eliminated, by implementing a payroll solution that:

  • Automatically generates codes to your company’s general ledger
  • Easily manages compliance, rules, holiday pay, straight time and time and a half, premium assignments, overtime, FLSA calculations and shift differentials
  • Handles multiple pay periods and detects open and closed pay periods to track when pay periods need to be closed

Efficient Employee Skill Management

Promoting a highly skilled workforce leads to greater employee retention and has an overall positive impact on productivity, which is why it’s important for employers to always know when an employee has acquired new skills or training that makes them eligible for additional work opportunities or promotions.

Look for a workforce management solution that allows you to track employee achievements by:

  • Alerting employees of upcoming training classes and sending notifications when training is mandatory
  • Allowing managers to run certification reports to see when a particular employee certification is set to expire
  • Sending staffing level notifications to ensure that a shift is always covered when another employee is out for training
  • Providing the option to create training programs so employees can volunteer for additional training and certifications
  • Access to review certification history for all eligible employees


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